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A.B.D., Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies

Florida State University, Tallahassee FL

M.S., Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies

Florida State University, Tallahassee FL

M.S., Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Hacettepe University

B.S., Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Hacettepe University

Ranked 3rd

Work History

Apr 2012Oct 2013

Instructional Designer

Tallahassee Community College
  • Designed and developed new online courses with faculty
  • Produced online and face-to-face workshops on the best practices and tools necessary to design and develop of online learning materials for faculty
  • Reviewed online courses with the Quality Matters tool for quality assurance
  • Evaluated the overall SMEs (subject matter experts)’ necessities and the content in terms of content strategies and coverage
  • Assisted to the director to keep the department up-to-date on future TCC’s distance learning policies and procedures
Sep 2010Aug 2011

Graduate Assistant, The MacArthur Foundation for Modeling and Assessing Quest to Learn

Florida State University
  • Developed an assessment tool to measure middle school students’ systems thinking skill
  • Analyzed longitudinal field study data (i.e., qualitative and quantitative)
  • Reported results of statistical analyses
May 2008Aug 2010

Graduate Assistant, The MacArthur Foundation 21st Century Skills Assessment Project for Situated and Socio-Cultural Approaches to Learning

Florida State University
  • Reviewed literature review on the use of video games in educational environments, assessment types, and 21st century skills (especially systems thinking skill) in education
  • Developed systems thinking competency model to use for the validation of the evidence-based assessment
  • Worked on a 3D game environment called Quest Atlantis to assess middle school students’ systems thinking skill
  • Created a working example to illustrate some of the competencies, and illustrate how it can be assessed appropriately, using Evidence Centered Design in the context of one of the Quest Atlantis worlds—Taiga Park
Jan 2009Feb 2010

Graduate Assistant, Northern Speech Services: SBIR Grant Project

Florida State University
  • Designed the learning modules in terms of the instructional design principles
  • Created online learning modules by using Adobe Captivate
  • Delivered the modules in a content management system (i.e., Moodle)
Jan 2007Sep 2008

Graduate Assistant, Instructional Strategies for Training Mechanics for United States Air Force Project

Florida State University
  • Assisted with the organization and planning of the instructional strategies (according to the First Principles of Instruction – tell, ask, show, and do)
  • Prepared follow up studies
  • Videotaped and gathered written data from participants performing tasks evaluated in the study after participants received one of two instructional strategy treatments
  • Organized data collected from research participants into Microsoft Excel and assisted with statistical analyses using SPSS
Feb 2005Feb 2006

Project Assistant, The Development and Implementation of Blended Learning Environment at University Level

Hacettepe University, Ankara/TURKEY
  • Developed and maintained interactive website
  • Created and organized course content (including designing learning objects) in the web environment with course instructor
  • Supervised course projects on educational software and evaluated them with the course instructor
Oct 2002Aug 2006

Research Assistant, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology

Hacettepe University, Ankara/TURKEY
  • Assisted in carrying out a particular research agenda (e.g., conducted literature reviews, collected and analyzed data)
May 2001Jul 2002

Educational Technologist

Interak - KOSGEB , Middle East Technical University, Ankara/TURKEY
  • Designed and developed instructional materials
  • Integrated digital learning materials into a learning management system  (i.e., IBM LearningSpace)

Academic/Teaching Experience