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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Crew, Sports Anchor

RV Insider

TD - You direct the show, when doing this job.

Floor Manager - Responsible  for giving everyone scripts, cues the anchors, sometimes takes care of camera shots. 

VTR - Cues and plays tapes. 

Graphics - Picks, and puts all graphics on show. 

Audio - This person controls music, and mic levels during the show. 

Telepromter - Controls the teleprompterfor the talent. 

Anchor - Reads the news and his on the show. 




I am still learning how to use garageband but i am getting pretty good with it. 
I started using livetype last year, and i am starting to know how to use it pretty well.
Final Cut Express Pro
I know how to use final cut pro and a lot of its features very well.


Audio and Video Technology 

Audio & Video Technology fulfills 2.5 credits of the Career and Vocational-Technical Education (VOC) graduation requirement. Students will become familiar with the theories and tools of audio and video communication including pre-production planning (cabling and connectors), camera use, lighting design, sound recording, and electronic editing. Students will apply their knowledge of interviewing techniques and operation of a digital video camera to produce and edit a final project using scripts and storyboards. Careers in communication will be an on-going focus of discussions throughout this introductory course 

Television Broadcasting 

Television Broadcasting fulfills the Visual & Performing Arts (VAP) graduation requirement. Students serve as producers, anchors, editors, and studio crewmembers producing their own television broadcasts that will air on the RVTV closed circuit network. Various television format styles are discussed in the course in addition to the influence of demographics in the pitching and survivability of a program. Students will be introduced to scripting techniques, electronic news gathering, copy writing and talent appearance, NPPA style shooting, lighting schemes and the use of a green screen, plus careers in broadcasting.