How did I step outside my comfort zone?

Being in the opinion section of the Foothill Dragon Press, there are not as many ways to show ambition and really make a stand. However, with a wide range of diction and careful selection, anything is possible.

Through this experience with Journalism, I have stepped outside my comfort zone in the world of writing. Mrs. Wantz has encouraged me to express my opinion firmly and without hesitance; saying what is off the top of my head and backing my opinion up with fact after fact.

My biggest breakthrough was while writing "Don't use First Amendment to push envelope." When writing this article, I learned how to state the truth without sugarcoating it.

How did I get creative?

Halfway through the semester, Mrs. Wantz sprung on the unsuspecting Opinion and Arts&Entertainment section a new twist; a fresh article every single week, as opposed to the much more lavish one article every two weeks. This only meant one thing: time to get creative or watch my grade sink.

Every week provided a new challenge of thinking up a new article on the spot. This taught me that there is always something interesting going on in the world, one just has to look. My creativity was at an all time high.