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News Writing
Although I didn't have the time to write too many articles this year, i still feel like my skills as a news writer have improved this year, simply because I've spent so much time editing. By reading other people's mistakes and successes, I learned what works in writing and what doesn't, which has made my articles much stronger.
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Two years ago, I couldn't even insert a photo without fear of crashing the entire site. Now I can format articles, build modules, create sidebars, and do other aggravating and relatively difficult things.
Thanks to a great deal of practice and patience, I became a much better editor this year. Not only am I actually aware of what a comma splice is, but I'm also more informed on ethics and the standard of excellence that should be set for every article that goes up on the site.

My Best Work (previous years)

My Best Work (this year)

Personal Initiative

1. Earlier this year when we learned about the fire at Arroyo Verde, some staffers and I decided to cover the event to alert Foothill students of the fire that was less than a mile away from the school. Covering this required a lot of time, patience, and coordination. And, as the person who stayed home to write the story, I was in charge of making sure everyone was getting the information or photos they needed and was talking to the people they needed. I also had to call students who live near Arroyo to get quotes and routinely annoy the fire department by calling a ridiculous amount of times to ask if they had any extra information they hadn't updated the site with yet. I basically dropped all of my homework to work on this story that night. 2. This year, we had two news series (election and AB 1575) on our site that I helped coordinate and spent a lot of time editing. Before this year, we had pretty much steered clear of news series for whatever reason, so doing two of them this year meant I was tackling a new challenge not just once, but twice. Both of these packages added richness and depth to our site that we were previously lacking, and they effectively informed our students of the impact of an otherwise unpublicized piece of legislation and how it would immediately effect them as well as the school-related issues of the 2012 election.3. To be honest, most of my initiative occurred in a more subtle way, and on a day-to-day basis. As editor, every day I came in and tried to do my best to manage a classroom of 40+ students effectively (and I tried to do it with a smile on my face but sometimes that didn't really work out). I put in way more time into the Dragon Press than an elective class requires, and spent much more time and energy thinking about it than most of my other classes combined.

Character Trait

Cooperation is imperative to have a functioning news organization. No one alone could run the Dragon Press, no matter how dedicated they may be. It takes a group of weirdly passionate overachievers who don't mind giving up their lunches, nights, and weekends to write, edit, and take photos. This year, I tried hardest to cooperate with the other editors, since a strong ERB helps foster a sense of cooperation overall. This wasn't always easy, especially when it came to making sure that multimedia was told of the incoming articles far enough in advance, but the editors worked together and showed patience with one another, and eventually the relationship between the sections and multimedia became a little bit more fluid. I also tried to cooperate effectively with Allison because I knew that there was simply no way either one of us would be able to shoulder all of the articles alone. 


The Dragon Press has taken up the large majority of my time this year, so I'm not that involved with other activities outside of journalism and school. I am a fairly active member of National Art Honor Society (NAHS) and have helped out quite a bit with their outreach program with Dorothy Boswell. I also play piano, which I've been playing for the past 10 years. However, with my impending move halfway across the country, I'll be forced to give up both of these activities. At Macalester, I intend on joining Model UN and Lives of Purpose, a Macalester group that does volunteer work in the Twin Cities.