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Goals for 2nd Semester

As I said before my main goal for next semester is to focus on coming up with more creative, interesting and out there stories. I want to go outside the box and be able to write about anything. Something I struggle with is the description in my articles. I want to be able to write an article and another person to be able to imagine, picture everything I’m saying clearly without even looking at a picture. I want to be able to put fun, creative and descriptive language to enhance the effect of my article when someone is reading it.


I am involved in different clubs and programs at FTHS. I have been involved in the schools Mecha club for 3 years now,Teen-Voice for two years, a first year Fire-Crew leader, member of FNL: this is my first year and Friday Night Live Ventura committee is also new. I am constantly busy in meetings, planning, setting up and cleaning up for events held by both Teen-Voice and FNL. I am also working randomly throughout the year; I housesit for a family when they go on trips. I housesit from a couple days, to a week, to a couple weeks, to even a month. I have a huge responsibility because they intrust me with their house and dogs. But the best part is that it doesn’t take much of my time and the pay is a lot better than a normal job. I also plan on volunteering at CMH and getting another job from the City in the months to come.

My Highlight

      I think the best moment in journalism would have to be when Mrs.Wantz told us that, the National Scholastic Press Association awarded the Dragon Press second place Best of Show in November at the national Journalism Education Association Convention in Kansas City and also when we became All-American status in January. It was so rewarding when I heard that we had gotten a good score on the evaluation by the critic and that we would pass to the next level. Knowing that we have accomplished so much, that the critic thought our site was great, gave me feelings of great joy and pride. It’s great to be recognized but the best part was seeing Mrs. Want’s face because it was something she really wanted for us to do good in. All of our hard work paid off and we were recognized for it.

Best Work

Rights and Responsibilities

1969 the Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, was a decision by the United States Supreme Court defined the constitutional rights of students in public schools. This meant that student journalist were given restrictions, which is totally unfair because we should have the same rights as if we were a professional. It’s not right that we are not looked at as real journalists, as real reporters. The First Amendment is what should give us our rights but it’s not always like that. The First Amendment rights for freedom of speech had been violated in the tinker case. But thankfully everything changed because of it, now courts still decide whether a school's disciplinary actions violate students' First Amendment rights from this.


Personal Initiative

The one time I took the most initiative is when I wrote the “Friends of the Library” article. That was one of my first articles and I was extremely nervous because I dint know how to go about it. When I got to the book sale I don’t know where to start, but I somehow wrote my article. I toke the initiative to get the job done and to get out of my comfort zone. I don’t think that I take a lot of initiative to be creative and come up with an unusual angle. That is something I want to work on for next semester, I want to write something different, I want to be creative and think outside the box, something I did not do much of this semester.


A character trait that appeals to me because I have experienced it was cooperation. Cooperation was the key for me to finish some articles. Cooperation is about helping each other become better writes and I have experienced that a lot, everybody works together and gives each other advice on what we can do to improve our articles or just improve as journalist. One of the things that I have experienced and have learned the most about: was team work. I have had great opportunities to work with other reporters on articles. TheI first time I worked on an article with another person I loved it because you get the chance to say what we both have to say but at the same time question, or improve each others work.

Work experience

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