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Work experience

Apr 2007Mar 2009

Korean Augmentation To the U.S. Army

Korean Army

I served in the army for 2 years. I served in Cp. Walker with U.S army. After 2 years, I retired as a sergeant  with ARCOM.


Aug 2010Present



I transferred to the University of the Texas, at Dallas last year.

Mar 2005Feb 2007


Kyungpook National University

 I entered Kyungpook National University 2005 and studied until Feburary 2007. After that, I went to serve in the army which is mandatory for korean male.


1. MATLAB Beginner; I have a experience about MATLAB. I did code 1~2 pages and know basic stuff. 2. Ansoft designer Beginner; I used Ansoft designer for RF design at first and know how to use it with linear analysis. I also deisgned LNA 3. AWR designer Beginner 4. C Beginner 5. C++ Beginner
Orcad Spice
 I can design and analyze electrical circuits such as amplifier and filter with R,L,C, diode, MOSFET. I can also edit and make a component by using text code. I usually use OrCAD Capture CIS but I can use LTspice and text code for a circuit.



Seeking a job designing electric circuits and signal processing where I can cooperate with a team.


 I like math and science which is why I went to electrical engineering college. I like math since I was a child. I've got certificates of award in math as a representative of school and Daegu city in South Korea.

 I major in electrical engineering and I am specially interested in electric circuits, signal processing, and communication systems.