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  • Programing languages: 
    • C++, upper intermediate
    • Java, upper intermediate
    • C#, intermediate
    • JavaScript, under intermediate
    • Python, under intermediate
  • DB languages:
    • SQL, intermediate
    • PL/SQL, under intermediate
    • Transact SQL, base
  • Formatting languages:
    • HTML, intermediate
    • CSS, intermediate
  • Low level languages:
    • Assembler x86, intermediate
  • Modeling languages:
    • UML, under intermediate
  • Architecture skills:
    • Object oriented design principles
    • Patterns GoF
    • Multithreading
    • Enterprise pattern
  • Technology:
    • JSE/JEE:
      • Core
      • Collections
      • Multythreading
      • JDBC
      • Core JEE
      • Struts
    • Win32:
      • Win API, intermediate
      • Windows architecture, base
      • Windows kernel, base
    • .NET platform: 
      • Core API
      • Collections
      • ASP MVC
      • ADO .NET
      • Windows Forms
    • Web:
      • jQuery, under intermediate

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Software Engineer


Trading solution:

Wedeveloped platform for on-line trading.  This platform automate trading via traders. Platform supports more then 20 liquidity providers. There are some interesting problem resolved, such as scalability, performance and security.

We have three tier architecture with own HTTP based protocol. My main task was developing Server that's works with Tomcat servlet container. Server consist of Admin Panel(Struts), Liquidity Providers, Trading logic module, DataBase caching e.t.c.


JEE: Servlets, JSP, Struts, SOAP(Axis), Multithreading, Networking, JAXP, JDBC, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

DataBases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

Aplication servers: Tomcat.

Aug 2009Jun 2010

Software Engineer


Forensic solution. Participated in development of large enterprise forensic solution that performs monitoring over clients' computers. Our team was consisted of approximately 15 developers and product had been developing for 6 years by the moment when I joined the team. This is a complicated solution and it consists of several modules: Client (.NET WinForms Application), Proxy (C++ Windows Service), Server (C++ Windows Service), Spy Agent (C++ Windows Server that runs on target PC and is invisible for user), Spy Windows Driver (C\C++ Kernel application which runs on target PC and is invisible for user).Technologies: C#, WinForms, C++, WinApi, STL, Boost, Multithreading, Networking, SQL Server, Windows Services, XML, RPC based on XSLT code generation, Driver Development Kit, Virtual Devices, Process, Registry keys and Drivers hiding, C#\C++ interoperability

Mar 2009May 2009


ApriorIT Courses

 Task: Developing library for parsing VMDK images.

Result: Implementing library for parsing VMDK images. Library using by popular disk image mounting application.

Language: C++

Plug-in represented by Dynamic Library(DLL) that can convert linear physical address to offset in the file of VMDK file image or snapshot. Our plug-in supports all VMDK file style. Also we can support snapshots and can navigate via snapshots files. Despite VMDK format documented this task demanded reverse work with the nicety of format.






  • Meta-heuristic algorithm
  • Time range analysis
  • Analysis of algorithm
  • Data structure
  • Classic algorithm
  • Computer graphics(base)
  • Statistic analysis
  • Probability process modeling
  • Numeric methods