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Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Lead Designer

Interplay Energy LLC

I act as the lead developer and simulation designer for Interplay Energy, working on a number of serious games targeted at the energy education sector. I oversee a growing virtual team of developers, but still spend a large part of my time developing the core products. We currently work in the Unity 3D game engine, and my experience with this platform has grown rapidly since beginning to develop products in earnest. I develop code in C#, and generate most of the 2D artwork used in our products myself. Above all else, I strive to provide our products with a firm basis in the principles of learning, drawing upon my experience as an educator to produce simulations that are powerful learning tools. My broad skill set allows me to take a holistic view from the perspectives of learning, user experience, game design, styling and technical implementation.

Jan 2009Mar 2011

Teacher Advisor for Learning Platforms

Worcestershire County Council

This position was originally created to help schools manage change after purchasing a learning platform. The remit was to assist schools in developing their pedagogy and practice to leverage the capabilities of their learning platform, provide training on how to use the technology itself and work with children to get them familiar with a new, more collaborative way of learning. In addition to this, since starting the job I have undertaken numerous research projects by way of exploring how cutting edge technologies can impact learning, both that of students and of teachers. Through my work since being appointed to this post I have developed skills in:

  • Undertaking qualitative and quantitative research in schools
  • Face-to-face training and consultation with teachers and other educational professionals
  • Developing and delivering CPD courses for teachers
  • Auditing skills in schools and constructing development plans based on this
  • Building virtual world environments based on OpenSIm and Open Wonderland
  • Integration of social media into learning environments
  • Website development using HTML, XML, PHP and MySQL
  • Building web apps for mobile devices
Sep 2006Jan 2009

Teacher of Science

North Bromsgrove High School

During my time as a Physics specialist Science teacher, I quickly took on responsibility for managing KS3 Science and KS5 Physics. I soon developed a reputation for innovation through the use of technology in my teaching, which led to me being awarded a TLR in my second year for spearheading the development of the school's new learning platform. This involved auditing the school's current ICT capabilities and developing a strategy for change management in order to effectively integrate the new pedagogy into teaching and learning within the school. I later continued this work as part of my subsequent position with Worcestershire County Council.

Jan 2005Jul 2005

Teaching Assistant

Dyson Perrins College

I took a position as a Teaching Assistant after leaving industry to become familiar with the classroom environment before training to be a teacher. I worked with students who were on the autistic spectrum, based in the school's specialist Autism Base. I supported specific students in lessons and helped to develop their interpersonal and communication skills, both written and oral.

Nov 2001Dec 2004

Research Scientist

QinetiQ (DERA)

I worked for QinetiQ (DERA at the time I joined) straight out of university during and after the completion of my Masters dissertation. I worked on a team developing a holographic display technology for Ford Motor Company and various other projects in the area of Optical Systems. During my time there my presentation skills, both written and oral were refined considerably, which stood me in good stead for my subsequent positions. My research and organisational skills were also honed and developed to an advanced level.


Sep 2005Jul 2006

PGCE Secondary Physics with SEN

University of Worcester

I studied to become a Physics specialist Secondary Science Teacher after leaving industry and after a short tie in education as a Teaching Assistant. I quickly recognised my passion for learning and education and thrived in my placements at schools in Redditch and Bromsgrove, receiving universally positive feedback from my mentors. The second school at which I was placed, North Bromsgrove High School, chose to employ me at the end of my placement, first on a cover basis whilst my QTS came through and then on a permanent, full time basis.

Sep 2000Dec 2001


University of Reading

This was a taught MSc with a  research element which I undertook at QinetiQ (then DERA). I studied the physics and engineering of optical systems, and my research was on Iterative Fourier Transform Algorithms for the calculation of Computer Generated Holograms. I achieved a Distinction for my MSc overall.

Sep 1997Jul 2000


University of Reading

As part of my degree, I studied general Physics and Engineering, Electronic Engineering including analog and digital circuit design and Optical Engineering including the physics of lasers and holograms. I achieved a 2(i) with honours for the degree course.


Unity 3D development
I have spent most fo the the past year developing serious games using the Unity engine. My experience covers all stages of the development process from asset management and creation through to final delivery of web-based simulations. I would consider myself an advanced user of the platform, and code extensively in C#, but also in UnityScript when necessary. I have delivered a number of commercial products which were developed from scratch using Unity for a large educational publisher on behalf of my current employers.
Student training
Both as part of my current role and as a classroom teacher, I have become highly proficient at working with children and young people. My work with students has encompassed training with the aim of cultivating them as peer mentors, one-to-one teaching and support, providing engaging learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom and visioning sessions. I also have considerable experience working with students remotely and asynchronously through learning platforms and video conferencing.
Teacher Training
I have considerable experience developing and delivering CPD courses and in-school training for teachers and other educational professionals, and cultivating learning networks of educators centered around these courses. The formal feedback from attendees to these courses and in-school training sessions has been universally positive, with all areas being marked as Good or Very Good. Since leaving full time employment with Worcestershire County Council, I have continued to be requested by schools to provide training, and occasionally do so on a consultant basis.
e-Learning course development
I have considerable experience developing courses designed to be delivered via a variety of methods including learning platforms, video conferencing, SCORM packages, virtual worlds and blended approaches using some or all of these. More recently, I have been involved with integrating serious games built in Unity into a Moodle learning platform used for the assessment and management of students by lecturers.
Website and Web System development
I have become proficient in the development of websites and systems using base-level programming in PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript and MySQL. I also have experience deploying Linux servers remotely through command line interfaces and deploying packaged systems such as Moodle, Drupal, Joomla and Elgg. I also have experience developing custom themes for these systems using CSS. A product I developed independently for the National Childbirth Trust to simplify registration for their Nearly New Sales has won praise from the NCT themselves for its simplicity and ease of use, and may go on to be adopted nationally across all of the NCT's 250+ branches in the not too distant future.


I am a highly creative and driven individual who has a depth of knowledge in a wide range of complimentary areas. I am a perpetual learner, always seeking opportunities to widen and deepen my knowledge and understanding of the processes of learning itself. I am excited by the potential of social media, virtual worlds and mobile technology for learning and strive to be at the cutting edge of the changing face of learning and education. I have excellent interpersonal skills and a talent for fostering understanding in others, as evidenced by my success as a teacher and trainer. I have the ability to manage others in an emotionally intelligent way and know how to draw upon people's strengths within a team.



I have a keen interest in programming for the web, and in my spare time have recently designed a web system for the local NCT branch to help streamline their Nearly New Sales. I am also an avid tinkerer and am inclined to fix my own and others' electronic items whenever possible. I design and build Steampunk artefacts out of disused electronic equipment, scrap metal and wood, and have a love of all things Victoriana. I design games, both technology based and otherwise when I get a moment, write science fiction shorts and sometimes combine these two hobbies into one. I have two young children (3 and 5) who keep me on my toes and constantly surprise, intrigue, amuse and challenge me. I am a regular attendee at my local gym and my local church.


British Safety Council Level 1 Certificate in Health and Safety at Work

British Safety Council

Project Management

Edinburgh Business School