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Work experience

Jan 2006Jun 2010


River of Life

I joined the food pantry of my church when i was in high school and helped sort clothes for the needy, make boxes, and do paperwork every second tuesday of the month so families and the elderly recieve help that they were in need of.


Aug 2010Present

Library Science

Jone Community Junior College
Jul 2006May 2010

high school graduate

American School

I dropped out of public school to help my mother take care of my baby sister and decided to homeschool myself and suceeded well.


My name is Brittanie Edmond and i am in my second semester of college. I am nineteen years old and plan on becoming a Librarian and a teacher for children that are hard of hearing and deaf  because first i love reading and second because i am also completely deaf in one ear. I hope that in the future i inspire students like my teachers have inspired me in the past by having an enthusiasm for learning that was contagious not tedious.


I have many things that i enjoy to do in my spare time. First i enjoy reading books like The Singing, Unseen, Harry Potter, Twilight, and other books firmly in the fiction category. I watch anime which is a form of Japanese cartoons that are more serious then regular cartoons can be (but just as fictional). I love playing video games, especially Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts. I like watching alot of tv, just about anything from Criminal Minds to Vampire Diaries.


Been trained in keeping things neat since i was small, and knowing where everything is and where it should be.
 I learned it in 8th grade and use it to this day since i'm hardly ever away from a computer.