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Top Affiliations


Oct 1992Jun 2007

Lebanese High School Baccalaureate Diploma

Al-Qulaa’ Secondary School

Work experience

Sep 2010Present


AUB's Online Collaborative

AUBOC seeks to group social media enthusiasts and experienced individuals in the digital media world to help promote proper digital citizenship through making the most of social media in the best ways possible.


  • To support and encourage AUB bloggers and users of social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc..)
  • To promote the usage of such tools amongst other AUB students given their current popularity and importance


  • To gather the bloggers and users of social media under one organization in order to facilitate common activities and interests.
  • To encourage AUB students to start their own blogs and help them get started by teaching them the technical and cultural aspects of social media.
Jul 2009Present

Senior Resident Assistant

Student Housing, American University of Beirut

Kerr Hall Senior Resident Assistant (Sep 2010 – present)

Penrose Hall Resident Assistant (Jul 2009 – present)

Monitoring residents on an entire floor, maintaining calm conditions throughout the building, reporting to head resident, communicating with Student Housing office, supervising work of student monitors, reception desk work and organizing events.

Sep 2010Present

International Students Ambassador

Office of International Programs, AUB

In addition to being an ambassador, I was a student representative during the fair for high school students at AUB in May 2010.

Feb 2009Present


Mind Soup

Mind Soup is a cultural blog about Lebanon and the Middle East. It contains posts about various topics including music videos, fun news, entertainment, politics, science, sports, poetry, fails, technology and much more. Recurrent topics include student life, Lebanon, Beirut, Middle East, and AUB.

Positions held:

  • Ambassador to the First Arab Social Media Forum in Amman, Jordan (Dec 2010)
  • Blogger for Arab Thought Foundation's 9th Fikr Conference in Beirut, Lebanon (Dec 2010)
  • Blogger Against Hunger for United Nations World Food Program (Jan 2010 - present)


Facebook page:


Jan 2009Present

AUB Outdoors Festival

Publications Officer (2010)

Member of Food and Decoration committees (2010)

Member of Marketing and Decoration committees (2009)

Jan 2009Jan 2010

AUB Campus Yearbook

Editor in Chief, 2010-11 volume (Nov 2010- Jan 2011)

Associate Editor-in-Chief of 2009-10 volume (2010)

Campus Life Editor and Co-editor of Photography of 2008-09 volume (2009)

Recruited to complete 2007-08 volume after its editor in chief lost interest (2010)

Oct 2008Oct 2009

Database manager and information technology director

Youth Club, AUB
Jul 2008Nov 2008

Acting Secretary

Biology Student Society, AUB

Acting Secretary (Jul 2008 – Nov 2008)

In addition, I have participated as an active member (Oct 2007 - present) and was a(n) event planner, programmer, poster and brochure designer, fundraiser and member of Museum day and Outdoors subcommittees

Jan 2007May 2007

Editor in Chief

QSS Digital Yearbook


Joseph Saba

Rabih Talhouk

Dania Dbaibo

Riyad Sadek

Loulwa Kalache

Maurice Salem

Rania Murr

Nisrine Fattouh


Other Skills
Leadership skills acquired by leading several teams to specific goals Team spirit and teamwork skills acquired by working with teams Event scheduling, hosting and planning experience Punctuality and professionalism Distinction between objectivity and subjectivity Scientific method Campaign managing skills and democratic process
Computer Literacy
Professional in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Works, some visual basic. Basic web design, web publishing and managing database systems. Social Media enthusiast and trained to use social media for business (facebook, twitter, blogs, linkedin, etc..)
Arabic as a native language, fluent in English and Basic French English Proficiency: English 203: 85;  English 204: 92;  English 236: 92;  English 250: 97 (grades over 100) Currently working on publishing a book of poetry (to be completed by June 2011)    

Writing Samples

Research Experience


  • Applied research (in lab) on brine pickles and lactic acid content in cooperationwith colleague Hala Hassan and collaboration with Dr. Najat Saliba. This was part of the International Biodiversity Day hosted by theInitiative for Biodiversity Studies in Arid Regions Centre (IBSAR)(Jan 2009)
  • Seminar on passion fruit, it benefits, economic uses and anti-inflammatory effects, and anti-cancerous effects with colleague Lama Al Mushcab in corporation with Dr. Nada Sinno-Saoud(April 2009)
  • Research related to evolution and Charles Darwin’s life in corporation with Dr. Riyad Sadek for the International Evolution Day(May 2009)
  • Senior seminar in biology with Dr. Mike Osta on the sibling behavior of certain plant types. (Jan 2010)
  • Research on the geology and paleontology of Lebanon including a study about Lebanese Amber with Dr. Dany Azar (Jan 2011)

Politics and Religion

  • Research paper on the relation between religion and astronomy (May 2006)
  • Research on Introductory Politics about constitutions and judiciaries with colleague Marwa Akoush and professor Zeinab Mirza (May 2008)
  • Research paper on terrorism, American politics and the attacks of September 11 with professor Rana Haidar (May 2008)

Business and Technology

  • Research paper on misinterpretations about accounting with Dr. Armond Manassian (Mar 2010)
  • Case research paper about Management Information System based on Malik’s Bookstore chain with colleague Sally Abdul Samad and Prof. Rima Fayyad (May 2010)
  • Case study about Operations Management decisions made by Benihana Tokyo restaurant in New York with Prof. Reina Arakji (Aug 2010)
  • Case study comparing the financial aspects of Nokia and Research in Motion with Dr. Samer Saade (Dec 2010)
  • Case study about the marketing position of Clocky with Dr. Michael Kfoury (Jan 2011)
  • Research about the low cost differentiation strategy of McDonalds in Lebanon with Dr. Bettina Bastian (Jan 2011)


Business, Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Accounting, Biology, Scientific Research, Music, Journalism, Poetry, Blogging, Cooking, Jogging, Writing, Reading


First Aid Training

Lebanese Red Cross