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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Student Teacher

Jefferson County High School
Jun 2009May 2010

Store Manager

Movie Gallery

¨  Operations. Customer Service, Loss Prevention, Marketing, Merchandising, Shipment

May 2005Jun 2009

Store Manager


- Operations. Customer Service, Loss Prevention, Marketing, Merchandising, Shipment

- Consistently met and exceeded sales and payroll goals


Aug 2009Present

Masters in art of teaching (MAT)

Augusta State University


Customer Service
Word Perfect/Excel/Powerpoint



For most of my work history I have experience in the retail industry for more than eleven years. For most of that time my experience was in some form of management whether it be as a key holder or a store manger. My strong work ethic and time management skills are some of my strongest attributes that I can bring to the table.

I am eager and willing to bring my High School students a fresh and enthusiastic approach to learning that will guide them to becoming successful citizens in today’s market. I plan on doing this by incorporating unique combinations of educational experiences with observations made over the last two years in both the Columbia County and Jefferson County systems. 


The term “natural teacher,” has been used greatly by mentoring and observing teachers as well as professors alike. I feel that I am more of a natural learner and observer than anything else and I eventually gained insight into what makes an impactful teacher. The teaching strategies I have used in my observations and opportunities have evolved daily as I learn more from my colleagues and professors. By listening to those I’ve observed and the student’s reactions, I feel that a great deal of growth has been achieved on my part. A large part of teaching is taking the time to understand and know your students as well as whom you are as a person and professional. I am passionate about not only education, but also the success and well-being of my students. From the very first day of school, I want to create an appropriate and effective classroom atmosphere so that all of my students feel comfortable in participating in class and being themselves. The approach I feel is simple and geared towards communication and a mutual respect. In order to accomplish this, I use a variety of teaching methods with the ultimate goal of guiding students towards proficiency in the target language. A genuine commitment to my students and letting them know they mean something to me more than a number is very important in my success as a facilitator. For this reason, I plan on encouraging and motivating my students to ask questions and to seek additional help when needed. I believe that a key element in English classrooms is keeping students motivated and interested.

My personal style of teaching brings enthusiasm, an ability to relate to current events and popular topics that allow me to easily relate to the students, and technology to the classroom to increase learning motivation and interest. Teaching English enables me to draw upon today’s culture and personal experiences as I teach my students to effectively communicate with not only me, but also with one another and gain an appreciation for their fellow students. I believe that effective teachers understand what knowledge their students already have, and find a way to tap into that knowledge and build upon it everyday. In my opinion, technology is one of the most important tools an effective teacher can use in the classroom considering how advanced we have become and how knowledgeable the students have become in using it.This will address different learning styles, to create a productive learning environment, and to increase student motivation. I believe that my enthusiasm, technological and societal approaches to teaching English enables students to acquire the necessary language skills in a manner that keeps them interested, motivated, entertained, and requires their own critical thinking of discussion points which makes their learning their own. The results I have seen in the students I’ve observed and helped teach have been positive and very enjoyable. The students never forget how much I enjoy teaching them and the passion and energy I devote to their education and success translates into their passion to think and learn.



Reading and Writing