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I am currently taking classes that will further my education and help me in the real world like Advance Organizational Communication, Persuasion, and Business & Professional Communication. In Business & Professional Communication class, we work in groups and compete with the other teams in the classroom and talk to real businesses and help them out anyway that we can. For example we have worked with Friend's of Deckers Creek, Boys and Girl Club, and

Next semester I am on track to graduate with my internship and finishing classes.

I like sports especially football and basketball. I am a snowboard instructor at Snowshoe Mountain. I like to compete. I live by the quote, "Play hard, work harder."

Work experience

Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort
Nov 2000Present

Snowboard Instructor

Snowshoe Mountain

Taught kids and adults to snowboard from the basic of how to first start to snowboard to most advanced with park riding, Helped manage races/setup race courses

May 2009Aug 2009

Adventure Expert

Baytowne Adventure Zone

How to properly and safely attach and detach guests from a zipline that was 60 feet off the ground and about 200 feet across. Not also is there a zipline, but located on site is ropes course, coconut climb (similar to the rock wall), eurobungy, and tug boats.



West Virginia University



Use of common tools and power tools. Building knowledge and can fix just about anything.
Preparation and cooking of food.
It comes with being athletic and also being American. I like to win, what more can i say.
I like all sports. I am particular in soccer and basketball but I do enjoy playing both football and baseball.
Snowboarding and Skiing
Know how to both ski and snowboard. I'm better at snowboarding.
Snowboard instruction
Know the basics in and out of a computer, can type fairly quickly, know how to use all of the Microsoft Office materials/tools
Know how to communicate in a friendly environment as well as in a hostile one, have the ability to argue, can persuade, smooth talking, fast learning, and know when a joke is present.