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Aug 2010Present

Aug 2005Jun 2010

grades 5 - 9

Shekou intl. School


Verbal communication
I am fluent in both English and Swedish although I consider English to be my stronger language. I speak clearly, use a wide range of vocabulary and find it easy to communicate with people of different levels of English ability. Adjusting my tone and vocabulary to fit various situations and interact with different people is no problem. I am very good at understanding what people are trying to say even if their manipulation of the English language is lacking in clarity. Expressing myself and sharing my opinions comes naturally to me, people understand me and the point I am trying to get across without difficulty.   I can make myself understood in Swedish as well, although I lack some of the vocabulary and structuring that comes naturally to me in English. Therefore, I find it more difficult to adjust my Swedish to more formal situations. I have no difficulty understanding spoken or written Swedish, no matter the situation.   Everyone I know will assert that I am a very talkative person and enjoy making myself heard, I believe that this will be a valuable asset in any situation. That said, I also understand that sometimes it is better to listen than to speak, I feel that I achieve a good balance between the two.