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Work experience

Volunteer/ Soloist

Oakley Ballet Center

Assists in lower level ballet classes generally from ages three to seven, preforms in soloist roles.


Audio Editing
  I am fairly well familiarized with Garage Band and can record and edit audio files as well as export said files to itunes in order to convert to mp3.  
Social Media
  I am well researched in prime facebook posting hours, capable of setting up interactive contests and setting up links, and can make sense of facebook page statistics.  
Column Writing
   I Can Write opinionated and occasionally clever columns hopefully full of charm and whimsy, using links (when applicable) and transforming the possibly mundane aspects of daily life into relatable pieces of work.  

Best Work


My name is Bryn Gallagher a current Junior at Foothill Technology High School and aspiring ballet dancer currently training at Oakley Ballet Center. I am also the ex-social media editor for the Dragon Press and one of five current Dragon Press Columnists


I am very involved at Oakley Ballet center as both a Soloist and a volunteer in the lower level (pre-ballet/ levels one and two) classes. I am also a volunteer at the VITA art center and assist in art classes for little kids there. At school (outside of journalism) I am a member of the speech and debate team and the Political Action and Awareness and Culinary Arts Clubs.

Personal Initiative

1. At the very beginning of the year I instituted a Facebook contest as social media editor that was initially very popular, though it fell apart second semester due to stranger weekly schedules. Also in first semester the Facebook page finally reached the elusive 1,000 likes and I oversaw the Foothill Dragon press' transition from the old "wall" format too the new and improved "timeline" form including choosing/editing the first and current cover photo.

2. Second semester I finally got a column upon the loss of Ashish's. A column was something that I had always hoped for but never tried, at least partly put of fear. The second piece I wrote for it, "Hope from a baby ballerina", went over incredibly well and reached a fairly large group. Currently I am working on sending the piece to several publications in order to see how far it will go. My second most popular article was my quasi-Seventeen magazine style prom piece, "25 ways to terrify your prom date". The column has been really fun to do and I hope to continue it next year.

3. The other project I wanted to start was a Weekend Update style weekly show, this came to realization in "The State of the World in 60 Seconds". Initially my pet project it was really able to take flight with the addition of Jackson. Though the entire show had problems throughout (personality conflicts, script errors, breaking a semi-poisonous lightbulb, deck theft, time constraints, etc.) it was really fun to produce and fairly popular.



I have always liked the idea of resourcefulness, be that in terms of ecology or work. That begs the question where then was I resourceful? At ballet, but yes this does apply to journalism too. Since Freshman year I have been working with a preballet class and between finding lost shoes and leading "mermaids" at the end of class I learned that the little tiny kids could give me something they didn't even realize that they had, wisdom and stories. Some of the most important lessons that I have ever learned have come from little kids and I took one of those lessons and shared it with a larger audience. I knew that in sharing the story not only would I spread around an excellent idea I would also be able to create an excellent column.

Once I wrote it I wasn't sure if I was going to turn it in at all, it seemed too soapy and way too Hallmarkish. Something inside of me though told me that it needed to be told, it was a story worth sharing. Finally I got it to Otto and "Hope from a baby ballerina" was published, it still remains my favorite column.

What I learned was that resourcefulness is more than noticing how to use things, it is listening, looking, and gaining information and then more importantly knowing when and how to utilize it. It is also learning how to doubt yourself less, to know when you have got a good thing. Still at ballet I listen for the stories, knowing now that a great tale can come from even the smallest person in the room.