Elisa Lessa







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C++, Pascal, Html, Autocad

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Microsoft Office


Wizard Degree

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2008 - Nov 2010

Active Control Noise

Leme/Ledav COPPE- UFRJ

The importance of quality of life of an employee has been great in recent times. Among the most important facts, especially in the Oil Industry is the Noise Pollution.During this work was done a study about one of forms of Noise Control: Active Noise Control (ANC), specializing in ventilation ducts for units OFFSHORE. For that was used a duct model installed at the "Laboratório de Ensaios de Modelo de Engenharia", LEME, COPPE-UFRJ. Through the duct, noise samples were collected. The line of study was mainly Adaptive Filtering using the LMS algorithm.The results OFFLINE showed that the algorithm reduced in 10dB the noise level for this duct.

KEYWORDS: ANC, Noise Control, Signal Processing, Adaptive Filtering, LMS.