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As an employee I am a very dependable person. I start early and stay late to complete the tasks at hand. I enjoy working with people or in a solo environment. I am always looking to expand my knowledge base and take on new challenges. I strongly believe I will be a great asset to any company for these reasons alone. I take pride in my work and have a strong sense of character. I am a team leader and very goal oriented. Others find me easy to get along with and very helpful. I enjoy instructing people how to use new technologies.

Work experience

Crew Boss

Top and Drop Tree

I worked as a logger for three years. My duties involved managing crew and equipment. I also felled trees, climbed, topped, operated loader, and dealt with customers. I have been videoed by many homeowners and even had tapes sent overseas for soldiers to watch that were part of homeowner’s families. 


Ruleville Manufacturing

I was responsible for running the shipping department. I started this job straight out of high school learned to ship ups ground, and next day air. This gave me a real sense of how important time management is to a business. I enjoyed my work with the people and systems of that company.

Jun 2000Present

Skilled Labor

Campbell Brothers

  I have been a part of this farm for the last ten years and have gained many skills. This job has required much more than your run of the mill farm job. It has enabled me to develop myself as a wielder, fabricator, mechanic, and so much more. Being a member of such a small team has taught me to be very self sufficient. My duties include managing up to four thousand acres of rice, the maintaining and daily operations of a large grain facility. I have a good working knowledge of electrical systems. I am great at troubleshooting and problem solving. Being a very motivated person and I enjoy being challenged both mentally and physically.


Jan 2010Present

Associates of the Arts

Coahoma Community College


Agricultural Resource Management
I have been on or around a farm my entire life and know the inner workings of the industry. The needs of farmers are constantly changing with the incorporations of new technologies. Two of the most important things to consider are soil erosion control and water recovery methods being instituted on today’s modern farms.
Working Knowledge of E-Z Steer GPS systems
I have operated this equipment used on tractors and other farm machinery. I can do setup, calibrations, install, and instruct others.
Windows 3.1 - Windows 7
Working Knowledge of all Windows versions.
Microsoft Office Suite 2007
I have a good understanding of Microsoft Office Suite and its use in the business environment. I use these programs daily.
Website Design
I am currently seeking a degree in CIS and planning to major in Web Designs. I am proficient in HTML some Java, and CSS. I enjoy creating websites and developing graphics using new ideas and techniques. 
Computer Software
I have a wide based knowledge composed of different software and applications. I can install, operate, and trouble shoot many of the various types available past and present. I have basic programming skills with writting and reading code.
Computer Repair / Install
I have been repairing and installing systems since the mid-80s. I have spent many years building computers for myself as well as others. I am currently seeking a degree in the CIS field. I have performed tasks ranging from simply upgrading components to soldering and repairing damaged system boards.