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Technology Skills
My use of and ability to use technology over the course of the semester has improved greatly. I am now more advances at finding and doing exactly what I want online, whether I'm only Googling something or submitting articles on our site. I have grown better at photo editing online as well.
My skills in photography have very much improved this semester; I have learned to take good photos that are appropriate for journalistic writing and display the basic rules of photography. I now know how to use the rule of thirds properly, how to identify and use good lighting as it appears, how to use SLR cameras, and how to edit photos for journalism, as well as many other useful skills.
When I began working on the Foothill Dragon Press I had little experience inerviewing others; now that I've learned my way around I've gotten much better at speaking to new and unknown people. I've learned how to influence others to give me the quotes I want to hear, and I've grown comfortable with straying from my interview questions to explore promising roads into the world of interviewing.
Writing On Deadline
While working on the Foothill Dragon Press this semester, I have improved exponentially in writing on deadline. I can now write well quickly and under pressure, something I could not do well before. Improving this skill has also helped me grow in non-jurnalistic areas, such as writing in-class essays.

Best Work


Over the past year, the Foothill Dragon Press Pyramid for Success character trait I have bestdisplayed is resourcefulness. With articles such as “Colbie Calliat sings to save the hillsides” and “Special Report: Every Fifteen Minutes” I have excelled at finding and utilizing all the sources I possibly could.

Before the Every Fifteen Minutes event I went to several optional staff meetings and familiarized myself with exactly what we would be writing about. I then proceeded to make an impressive minute by minute schedule for each journalist and did quite a bit of research about each organization participating. This helped us greatly when we were rushing to write the article; we were able to quickly and efficiently find any and all information we could ever want.

I feel I excelled utilizing my resources in the article “Colbie Calliat sings to save the hillsides” when I once again, spent a lot of time preparing. Our interview with Calliat was declined because of my supposed “lack of interview questions”, but I stumped Calliat’s publicist when I was able to hand him a printed sheet of questions within seconds. The look on his face alone was enough to reward me for my preparation, but the fact that I was able to release quotes from famous performer Colbie Calliat was absofruitely fantastic.


I am somewhat involved in extracurriculars at Foothill, though admittedly I could be a lot better. I perform with Foothill's Dance class and was one of the four performers at Back to School Night. I also have earned the Student of the Month award. Though I am not very involved at Foothill, my life outside of school is very busy. I sing professionally and perform in musicals and concerts on a regular basis. Much of my time is taken up with vocal and dance lessons, as well as with acting. I am completely in love with musical theatre and strive to leave as little time as possible for sleep and friends.  

Highlight of the Year

My highlight of the year was most defintely, without a doubt, and absolutely Every Fifteen Minutes. All professionalism aside, I met two of the most amazing people on the face of the planet and gained two new best friends. Staying up, stressing out, and suffering from sporatic spaz attacks all night long with these two lovely ladies have bonded us closer than I could have ever imagined. Sitting on the floor of the pod office and telling each other all our deepest, darkest secrets made Every Fifteen Minutes ridiculously awesome. 

The Every Fifteen Minutes experience itself was an amazing journalistic opportunity. We were given many privledges and responsibilities, plus we were treated as true journalists. I am so thankful for this experience and the fact that I got to be a part of something so amazing. 

My Goals and Objectives as a Student Journalist

I have several goals for my next semester of journalism, but one of my most important is to win an award for photography. I have been working on my photography skills incessantly within this first semester, but I hope to be good enough by the end of next semester to win an award.

I believe I have been learning how to take better and better pictures throughout the year, especially through all the presentations and lessons for photography that have taken place. By utilizing proper lighting, the rule of thirds, and a more natural, journalistic style I have been able to achieve exponentially better shots than I did at the start of the school year. I hope to be recognized for the progress I have made sometime in the coming semester.

Personal Initiative

I stepped out of my comfort zone in many ways this semester, with one article in particular: "Colbie Calliat sings to save the hillsides". I believe I took initiative with this pieces especially, as I advanced my journalism skills and gave me more experience with the things I'm learning. 

Before attending the Ventura Hillsides Music Festival, I emailed several directors and coordinators of the event trying to be placed on the official media list. I was easily successful because of my professional approach, and when we arrived we were given full photography rights, backstage passes, and interview privileges. Because I had taken initiative and prepared excessively for the event, we were able to actually get an interview with famous singer Colbie Calliat. Calliat's publisist originally declined our request for an interview, shrugging us off with an excuse: We didn't have prepared interview questions, so he couldn't approve them. I was able to pull out a sheet full of questions seconds after he declined, stunning him and winning us the interview. 

I am proud to say that I recieved the September Initiative award for this article; I, too, feel I showed an excellent display of intiative with "Colbie Calliat saves the hillsides".

Rights and Responsibilities

Student journalism is very similar to professional journalism by the fact that it follows many of the same rules and ethics. Student journalism must follow the same libel laws as professional journalism, as it is every trusted figure's responsibility to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The First Amendment is the mother of all journalism laws; it states that all people of the United States have the right to free speech, press and publication. Movements to recognize these laws in student journalism have been made through two cases in particular: The Tinker Case and the Hazlewood Case.

In November of 1968 two students, Beth and John Tinker, wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam War. These students were suspended when they refused to take the armbands off, arguing their First Amendment rights. This case eventually made it's way up to the Supreme Court, where it was decided that the suspension should not have occurred due to the fact that students do not lose all rights when entering a school. It was then reaffirmed that any display of free speech and free press is allowed without limits unless violent or unlawful. However, these rights were somewhat reduced during the Hazlewood case. In this case, a school funded newspaper was pulled for publishing a teen pregnancy section. The school won this case due to the fact that it was, indeed, school funded. Supreme Court reduced some of the rights in schools, not revoking any student's first amendment rights but setting restrictions and giving more power to schools.