I am just learning how to use the Video Cameras in Journalism. I learned how to make a good movie and I am planning on taking more videos next semester. I also hope to learn how to edit  videos.


I am working on better understanding Photoshop so that I could better edit my photos. Photography is important to me and anything I can do to make my photos better helps. I learned a lot of new Photoshop skills this semester and I hope to learn more next.


I've been writing since Middle School, when I couldn't find a better outlet for my creative needs. I also read a tremendous amount of books, magazines and online articles. This semester, I've been practicing my writing skills as a Reporter. I've learned to keep my headlines short and attention grabbing and I have paid much attention to the details in my stories.


In Journalism, Photography is an important skill. I have improved my skill this year by taking many action photos and using more settings on my camera. I have spent about three or four years developing this skill. In my Sophomore year at Foothill, I took a Photography class. I practice Photography on my own as well, and try to take pictures whenever I can.