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My name is Travis Oducayen (pronounced oh-do-kai-yen, say it with me, oh-do-kai-yen) and I am a young man who has many skills to offer and contribute to anyone who wants a bright and energetic hard worker.  Some of my greatest qualities, aside from my sense of humor, are my abilities to learn quickly and think on my feet.  I'm a great problem solver and I love on-the-job learning.  I am incredibly well rounded in all facets of life and though I can be shy at times, I relish the opportunity to show what I have to offer.  I am very personable and I constantly have a smile on my face.  I’m young and excited and ready to jump at any chance I get.

Work experience


Production Assistant

Dewey-Obenchain Film Inc.

Act as a vital link in the production team assisting a wide range of people from the director or producer to the sound technicians and caterer. Involved in all stages of the production process from getting coffee, to making script copies to shuttling crew or equipment around town as needed. Things can change in a moments notice requiring the skills to quickly think on your feet. The position is one that works with a number of different departments.


Security Gaurd

University of Colorado Program Council

Protected people and property for the Program Council organized events.

Sep 2010Present

Graphic Designer

XY Clothing

Create graphics for clothing, advertising and marketing campaigns using a passion for timeless attire harmonized with urban street and progressive designs for unrivaled style and swagger. A combination of what is both regal and effortless to create stark high fashion. Pairing utility and style to bring a visionary approach todeveloping an immortal brand.

Aug 2009Aug 2010

Modular Installer

Consolidated Partitions

Given the responsibility of constructing and installing a number of specialty items including lockers (wood, plastic, wire mesh or sheet metal), locker room stools and benches, visual display products, projections screens, metal storage shelving, accordion partitions, operable partitions, sliding glass partitions, and wire mesh partitions. As well as being very knowledgeable about the products themselves, there is a large need to be well educated in the use and operation of numerous tools associated with building and installing. Every project is different therefore it leads to a great deal of on the job learning and it is necessary to be able to solve problems and adapt to what the situation dictates. A willingness to cooperate with others is required because you are working with architects, framers, electricians, etc. to make sure the building process goes smoothly and that the job is finished as intended.


Adobe CS4 Suite
I've used Adobe Premiere since my freshmen year of high school.  A few years later I learned how to use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.  I have recently taken an Adobe After Effects class to further my skills with the program. 
Final Cut Pro
I had been using Adobe Premiere for many years before switching to Final Cut so the transition was very easy due to the similarities of the programs 



Aug 2004Dec 2008

University of Colorado at Boulder