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I love to cook, clean, go to church.

I love to dance, play baseball. basketball, kickball, and etc. I really want to explore the world.


mature, knowledgeable, skilled, qualified, and certified pharmacy technican seeks a career change with a leading social and customer servicce organization.


 About Me Brenda Bass

 I live in Cleveland, MS I’m 39 years old. I graduate from Coahoma Community College 07' with an Associate Degree in Computer Servicing Technology. I’m now going back to Coahoma Community College taking General Education Classes. So I can go to a University I can start working on getting my Bachelor. I have three children two girls, and one boy and all three of them are grown. They all have graduated from High School.  Both of my girls are going to college as well. They both have jobs. My son is into the music business. I hope he succeed one day. I have a small family my mom had six children two girls and four boys. I’m the oldest girl. I lost my oldest brother on September 11, 2010 from a sudden death. Right now its been hard on the family with faith and GOD and prayer we all will get through it. I love music all types my favorite movie is Ghost Whisper. My favorite book I like to read is Zane Caramel Flava.


Jurinis Reed

 Filling and dispensing and  prescription, and  over seeing packages, counselling client ect.,

Melvin Smith

Manger/sale clerk, 

clerics, inventories, chashier, stocking,ect.,


Aug 2005May 2007

Associate in Applied Science

Coahoma community College

Computer Servicing Technology

  • Soft ware
  • Installation of window 98, window xp, window 2003 server
  • Installation various Microsoft office packages.
  • Experience working with Dos Command lines Interfaces.

Experience installing hardware drives for Audio, Video, Network Ethernet, etc. for different versions of windows troubleshooting and diagnose of various software problems.Experience in using online resources to gain access too hard to find hardware drivers.Bios configuration experience Fisk and format.

  • Hardware

Experience installing, configuring, troubleshooting, IDE hard drives, CD/DVD  ROM'S  Floppy Drives, video adpater, audio adaptors, power supplies,motherboards, NIC, wireless routers, wireless access point, dual in-line memory module, single in-line memory module, various typ of cpus,,/ heat sink. Performed troubleshooting and repair on HP, Gateway, Compaq, Dell, Generic, etc. configured computer for Coahoma Community College Computer Lab.

  • Newtwork
  • prophecy assembling Ethernet cable using Cats and RJ-45 modular plugs, knowledge of network classifications (LANS, WANS, MANS,) network topologies, TCP/IP. The 7-Lays OSI model.
  • Experience installing and configuring network hardware such as network interfaces cards, hubs, switches patch panel, wireless network  interface cards wireless access points, dedicated print servers, and wireless print servers.
  • Installed and configure peer-peer network. Installed and configure a windows 2003 client services networking.
  • Experiences troubleshooting various network connectivity issues using network tools, such as punch tools.


Certified Phlebotomy Technician
A trained professional in blood drawing. Knowing how to Procedure for vein selection. Performance of a veinipucture knowing certain area to aviod at site. Knowing how to apply your tourniquet. Knowing how to fill out a requisition slip etc.

Work experience

Jul 2006Mar 2008

End Inspector

Faurecia/ Kelly Services

My duties were to make sure that every car seat came through the line. Didn't have any heavy weld on them. I had to make sure that when the folk lift drivers brought the crates with the car seats in them that the seats numbers and the number on the crates match. I also had to make sure each one of them had the right about of car seats in them.


Oct 2005Feb 2008

National Healthcareer Association

National Healthcareer Association