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The following recommendations were provided for Lisa Barnhart on LinkedIn

“I have worked with Lisa for the last 4 years, as she has been a member of the team that launched, then managed the WebJunction-Illinois project. Lisa has exceptional project management skills and has been a key driver in raising awareness among Illinois library staff about the WebJunction-Illinois site, leading to successful use of the service.

Under Lisa’s leadership, the WebJunction-Illinois site has grown to include a huge body of content specific to the Illinois library community. Other WebJunction team leads regularly look to the Illinois site for innovative ideas regarding collecting and displaying content on a WebJunction site. In fact, Lisa was recognized as a WebJunction ‘Shining Star’ by her WebJunction peers in 2010:

Additionally, Lisa has contributed to the course content available on WebJunction as a key member of the LibraryU course creation team. These library-specific courses are highly valued by library staff and the most recent self-paced course contributed by the LibraryU team, There will always be Storytellers, has been the most popular course across all WebJunction communities since it debuted in the course catalog.

Lisa’s strong knowledge of the library field makes her an excellent contributor to any library-specific project; her project management abilities, knowledge of course creation, and web-site management skills make her a highly-valued addition to any team.”

    Rachel Van Noord, Senior Manager, Partner Services, WebJunction/OCLC 

"I have worked with Lisa on several projects, including the Illinois Library Systems' Library U for online training, WebJunction Illinois and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation computer labs training. Although the various projects were conducted long-distance, Lisa provided focused, results-orientated products for each project. She is the reason LibraryU and WebJunction Illinois were and are a success. For Lisa, there isn't too small of a detail or to wide of a concept, she works until the project is completed to your specification." 

    Charm Ruhnke, Peru Public Library Director, former Grant Manager for LibraryU and WJIL

"Lisa is an excellent professional who developed training for members of my organization. She worked closely with us to determine our needs and issues and then provided on-target training that was very well received by those who participated. Those who took her classes came back for more. Her training was creative yet practical." 

    Miriam Pollack, Miriam Pollack &Associates, former CE coordinator for North Suburban Library System

"Lisa brings her high professional and ethical standards to every endeavor. I have had the joy of working with her for over 10 years on several major projects. Her commitment to project goals, consensus building, honest discourse, creativity and expertise are evident in all work. Her skill in project management, including adaptability, keeps targets and objectives in focus and ensures success. She accomplishes all of this with grace, humor and optimism. From my experience, take note - if you are ever caught in a snowstorm with Lisa, you will both work and laugh through the blizzard. High expectations are expected and gladly delivered with Lisa at the helm." 

    Dawne Tortorella, Bellcow, Inc., Project Partner for LibraryU and WJIL 


Project Coordinator, Instructional Designer and Trainer with 29 years of experience in Library and Information Services.  Proven record of guiding projects to success using a balanced approach of communication, consensus, vision and attention to detail. [For recommendations please see below]

Work experience



Eagle Rock Consulting

Provide leadership, coordination and facilitation for local and statewide projects and grants. Develop and deliver face-to-face, online and blended learning on a variety of topics.


  • Project Coordination for the development, launch and maintenance of WebJunction Illinois, a statewide portal for e-learning, resources, information and social networking for Illinois librarians. Responsibilities included initial site organization and structure using a CMS, communication and coordination with stakeholders and users, inception and coordination of promotional and marketing materials, training, troubleshooting and support for users as well as oversite of ongoing site maintenance and development. Extensive use of communication skills via blogging (Wordpress), Twitter, web conferencing and traditional print publications.
    • Project success story: From launch in 2007 to date WJIL registered users have grown from 200 to over 4,500 and have enrolled in 6,251 online courses via the WJIL Course Catalog.
  • Project  Coordination for LibraryU, an online learning portal for library staff. Responsibilities included identifying appropriate and relevant course topics through consensus in the Illinois library community, selecting a new LMS,  and identifying and supporting Subject Matter Experts through all aspects of course creation including LMS training, course design, graphics, interactivity and content reinforcement. Spearheaded the launch and promotion of the revitalized LibraryU course catalog and coordinated the eventual transition of select content to a sustainable platform on the WJIL Course Catalog.
    • Project success story: LibraryU registered users grew from 20 in 2003 to over 11,000 at the time of content transition to the WJIL Course Catalog. With a catalog of over 50 self-paced modules, LibraryU provided free anytime, anywhere access to continuous education for library staff across the country and around the world.
  • Training and Instruction
    • Developed and delivered initial Internet training for all Chicago Public Library staff
    • Developed and delivered training on OCLC FirstSearch databases to library staff  throughout the state of Illinois

Reference Consultant

Corn Belt Library System

Provided back up reference for libraries within the system. Developed and delered training related to various software and databases such as OCLC FirstSearch.


Reference Librarian


Provided back-up reference for libraries within the Minitex service area. Conceived and developed a database of frequently asked reference questions to facilitate quick response to libraries.


Assistant Librarian


Assisted in the organization and dissemination of OCLC forms and documentation.




Developed, organized and conducted training sessions on OCLC products. Conducted full day training workshops for bibliographic information management software for regional librarians and business professionals.




Provided reference services to 3M employees using a variety of  business databases and print resources.

WebJunction Illinois





Master of Arts

University of Minnesota


Harding University


Online Learning Software
Extensive experience with a variety of LMS, course creation and rapid e-learning tools including IntraLearn, Plateau, Lectora,  and Articulate Studio '09. Limited experience with Rapid Intake and Elicitus.
Web Conferencing
Administrative, host and delivery experience with Horizon Wimba, OPAL and Adobe Connect. User experience with Elluminate and WebEx.