Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2008 - Present

Vera Tsang

Odenza Marketing Group, Travel and Leisure incentives


For organizations looking to win business, motivate employees, or reward loyal customers, Odenza Marketing Group offers customized travel incentives to support any promotion. Founded in 1998, Odenza Marketing Group has grown to a full-service North American travel incentive provider. Their broad customer base includes customers from a range of industries, including retail, automotive, finance, manufacturing and distribution, advertising, marketing and media, and fundraising.Odenza partners with each client company to design travel incentives that meet budget requirements while achieving targeted promotion incentives; thereby maximizing the clients' investment on travel incentives. When working with the company, customers have the option of choosing one of several popular travel destinations such as Las Vegas, Florida, Mexico, or the Caribbean. They can also choose a unique offering at one of over 3,000 resorts worldwide. Due to their extensive partner network, which includes hotels and resorts around the globe, major airlines, and cruise lines, Odenza can meet clients' specific travel program needs. In addition, clients can utilize the company's in-house team of professional travel agents to ensure a high-quality booking experience for incentive certificate recipients.As a result of their noted marketing and sales ingenuity, Odenza has earned prestigious industry accolades and an extensive customer roster. It is a three-time winner of the Pinnacle Club Award from Carnival Cruise Lines and their client list includes many well-known brands including Microsoft, GM, Bacardi, Pepsi, Coldwell Banker, and Kraft. Many others businesses have provided case studies and testimonials to document the significant returns they have seen from Odenza's programs. With their impressive history of client success, global network, and in-depth travel expertise, Odenza Marketing Group is a premier incentive partner for businesses at every stage of growth.

Creating a Successful Promotion

In recognition of excellence and outstanding marketing strategies, Carnival Cruise Lines has honored Odenza Marketing Group with its Pinnacle Award three times. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Odenza Marketing Group provides businesses with travel incentives, free marketing materials, and promotional support. The travel incentive company also offers strategies to assist businesses in making productive and profitable promotional decisions.Implementing a successful travel incentive marketing campaign entails coordinating key elements, including brand, target demographic, and selected vacation incentives. The process begins with gathering as much information as possible about a client’s brand and consumers before presenting the client with an effective marketing plan. Additional factors in a successful travel incentive promotional campaign are timing, choice, and ease of use for consumers. Businesses should select incentive vouchers that are convenient for their customers to utilize. It should not be difficult for customers to access the vouchers, which should include clear and simple redemption instructions.After a business selects vacation vouchers, marketing professionals recommend running two to four travel incentive promotions a year to maximize viral (word-of-mouth) marketing opportunities. Planning multiple promotions makes it possible to prepare for upcoming promotions from one quarter to the next.While just one incentive can appeal to a broad demographic base, marketing strategists suggest giving target customers the choice of various incentives to maximize each demographic.