Gustavo Anaya began leading Mortgage Capital USA, Inc., in August of 2007, in the combined role of owner and Chief Executive Officer. Overseeing more than 40 employees, Mr. Anaya provides counsel to clients who are currently attempting to negotiate modifications on their home loans. Gustavo Anaya focuses on serving the Hispanic community in and around Las Vegas, offering specialized assistance for Spanish-speaking individuals confused by the intricacies of American banking documents. Supporting a personal vision with his professional dedication, Gustavo Anaya envisions his company as a way to provide key support to members of his extended community. He believes that, in these difficult economic times, securing a loan modification can often mean the difference between a family losing their home and keeping it. Maintaining this idea as the cornerstone of his company’s operations, Gustavo Anaya instructs employees at Mortgage Capital USA, Inc. to treat each case not simply as a file made up of papers, but as a house and therefore a family. In addition, Gustavo Anaya works to combine business and environmental solutions. For instance, Mr. Anaya is currently transforming all of his company’s files from paper to electronic media. In doing so, Gustavo Anaya drastically reduces the carbon footprint of Mortgage Capital USA, Inc., while also increasing efficiency. In turn, this increased efficiency allows Mr. Anaya to offer clients lower prices. Recognizing that many of his clients cannot pay all of their fees, Gustavo Anaya offers a wide selection of discounts. These special rates allow more individuals to take advantage of his expertise. Gustavo Anaya worked extensively as an executive leader with Volkswagen and Nissan dealerships before beginning his career in the mortgage and loan industry. Experienced in a variety of fields, Gustavo Anaya also has more than ten years of experience as a real estate investor and speculator. 

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2007 - Present


Mortgage Capital USA, Inc.

Advise clients on all of their real estate needs ranging from investments to loan modifications.  Executive duties related to the operation of a business.  Building a strong service business with more than 40 employees in the middle of an economic disaster.