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  • Science and Technology innovation, Renewable energy technologies
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One must love what he does. I'm planning on enjoying myself while continuing the ascending line of my carrier in international business development, growing together with the team I am a part of, on a solid foundation of honesty, respect and mutual trust with the parties involved. With a history of proven success and continuous growth, I aim to create/maintain a culture of operational excellency and solid execution with clear benefits for the stakeholders involved.


Self motivated, passion driven, excellency seeker with proven results in both start-ups and ongoing projects.

Fortunate to do things I like early in life, I have been doing business development in 20+ countries and worked in a dynamic and rich multicultural environment and had the pleasure to work with and learn from true leaders.

I deliver results in a timely manner and with indisputable outstanding ethics and integrity, my leadership inspires and gets followed naturally.

My diplomacy skills are backed up by developed speaker skills, natural in front of an audience, I manage to efficiently deliver the wanted message.

Very keen on details of financial nature but also cultural and religion, manage to develop relationship and build a strong network of friends and partners around the world that contributes to my success. Areas of expertise:

Profitable Sustainable Revenue Growth - Cost Control

International Business Development - International Multifunctional Team Leadership - Strategic Planning

Complex Project Management - Market Penetration - Quick Problem Resolution

Portfolio Expansion - WW Partnerships - Effective Communication - Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Trust - Ethical Behavior - Strong Values - Long Term Partnerships

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2013 - Present

Territory Manager - Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova


This would be my third greenfield project. McAfee has a comprehensive security dedicated portfolio and a great image among customers but needed better presence and support in the teritorry. I am focused on establishing a strong partner channel in the region based on skills and support. We have made our first steps aquiring a great deal of partners from the competition and the skills needed in the first stage. As a result we already have reached to broather range of customers and projects.

Apr 2011 - Jun 2013

Country General Manager

ZyXEL Communication

ZyXEL needed a better overall presence in the Romanian territory both for their business and consumer portfolios but also improvement in the Channel and Service Provider segments.

I have started by establishing the local office as a green field investment, conceived the positioning on the local market and developed the overall marketing and sales strategy. As a result we have widened the channel and overall presence with marketing actions, road shows and events, sales incentives, trainings, etc. As a result, ZyXEL is now benefiting from an image of high value for money, reliable brand with excellent support both for partners and end users.

The next step was to grow the local entity organically through recruitment and intensive training in order to better support local partners and to grow sustainable.

  • Profitable and sustainable growth: step by step investment based on achieving planned milestones
  • Profitable P&L from the first fiscal year with 50% YoY growth in the second year.
  • Successfully developed consumer market by entering the most relevant chains, creating demand and acquire market share from 0 up to 30% in some of the product lines
  • Increase brand awareness in the local market by successfully positioning the product lines through local media, distribution channel and sales/technical/marketing actions
  • Build local channel to a network of 500+ resellers
  • Increase market share in SME (mainly channel), ISP/Telco (most of the Romanian ISP's use now ZyXEL in access networks), Governmental/Edu (projects/tenders).
Apr 2007 - Feb 2011

Country General Manager

Avnet Technology Solutions

I started Avnet TS Romania as greenfield project, grew organically and reach success within one year: most loyal distribution channel thanks to a very dedicated team that I have managed to surround myself with. Loyalty translates in profitability, and we have managed to operate with nice margins on a challenging market with a lot of competition. We have proved our value to our suppliers and channel.

The P&L shows great care to investors' resources and values.

After first steps and first vendor relationship straighten, a wider portfolio was built, making local Avnet TS a one stop shop for solutions, services and financing tools, a real Value Added Distribution with proven Operational Excellency.

  • With a minimum investment accomplished profitability already in the second year of business
  • Managed a network of more than 120 partners with common pipeline and predictable business
  • Increased Net Gross Profit continuously YOY; as a result, FY 2008 - the toughest year (according to IDC) - the best NGP
  • Developed own CRM - only exception to the corporate lead management tool
  • Increased local vendor portfolio
  • Created a strong ethical and professional team and got recognition of offered added value in the Romanian market that finally made Avnet name in Romania equal to operational excellence 
Oct 2004 - Mar 2007

Regional Sales Manager


Managing,trainingand coaching theinternational sales team, developing long term relationships with our channel partners(ME, Asia-Pacific, Europe), finding new markets, organizing international events and fairs, meetings, interviews, recruiting partners, negotiating contracts, all to the extent of overachieving sales targets and providing our partners with a viable strong business and position the BitDefender brand among the most prestigious ones.

Me and my team managed to grow existing business in the areas we were having an established channel but also developed new territories and grew sales through expansion.

  • Growing revenue by expanding distribution channel in new countries (mainly Middle East)
  • Increased market share in the consumer market and even reached number 1 or 2 in parts of the managed territory
  • Saved k$ extinguishing existing distribution litigation and trained conflict management to the international sales teams
  • Raised overall efficiency by Changing overall sales and go to market approach, developing best practices for sales tools
  • Exceedingprojected budget andgrowing revenue by 23% fromthefirstyear
Oct 2003 - Oct 2004

Sales Manager

Promex S.A.

One of the hardest and most rewarding jobs : change people's minds (change management) My team and I, working together in: market studies, promoting strategy, budget, market feed-back, media events, etc., a bridge between compartments in our company, and between our company and the outside world. My primary responsibility was to see and understand all that is happening in our company using external auditors, and to create solutions together with my team. As RESULTS: 

  • Restructured entire commercial team and go to market approach, tools and increased efficiency and market presence
  • As result presence in the market increased rapidly, influencing sales increase
  • Re branded the main activity - used the name and logo that the company was best known in the market (after market studies confirmed the existing brand awareness)
  • Improved overall internal communication by creating monthly magazine and explained change management and strategy to all employees 
  • Sales team sold in 2 months the stock that wasn't sold in 2 years
Sep 2001 - Oct 2003


Icon Computer

I started and managed this project during university years for gaining financial independence while acquiring experience. I elaborated the sales and marketing strategies for IT hardware (assembled computers, peripherals, network components, etc); presenting and selling implementation services and maintenance to small and medium companies, managing company's website, finding ways to attract visitors to the firm's websites, marketing campaigns, analyzing the feed-back, improving our services. I accomplished to increase my sales due to targeting specific segment and adapting the strategy for that segment (my fellow students in this case).





Greenfield Investment

As written in the experience field of this resume - I have started the Romanian subsidiary of Avnet TS in 2007 as greenfield and managed for almost 4 years towards it's success and dominant player as a VAD in the Romanian market.

Profitable and sustainable growth

Profitable and sustainable growth - in order to succeed I am paying much attention to resources and plan accordingly from the start and manage the plan dynamically. The most precious resource is the team. Therefore the recruitment and selection of the members is a critical success factor. Managing properly the team, training and motivating it's a must and continues through the entire project, therefore I am paying constant effort in this direction. I am very keen of certain values in an individual: ethical behavior, team player, innovative personality, initiative and effort - all these values are highly important as the self motivation factor - I need people who really want to do something with their lives and are self managed. My management style is democratic and participative. Bottom line here is that a manager is as successful as the team he or she is managing.   A constant attention to the P&L and to the outlook/forecast of the business is another key success factor. Before investing in a new line of business there is a need of P&L simulation with worst case scenarios and options. Each P&L needs to be sustainable in itself in order to be profitable.    All the above being met there is a need for the actual revenue stream and for the value proposition towards customers and suppliers. Where is my company's place, why would they give their business to me, what is my value, what I can do better.. are some of the questions I ask myself and my partners often. On the other hand many of these questions are being answered by surveying the competition and this one needs to be done at the beginning and maintained.   In the end Networking is very important - we tend to do business with people we like... and trust.

Keynote speaker

Through my career I have delivered speeches at trade-shows in different countries, launched new business lines and/or expanded portfolio, organized road shows or organized fun networking events - occasions in which I spoke in front of small or large groups of people. Other times I have been invited at other companies events to speak  - introduce a business idea or product or to introduce the event. Most often I deliver trainings and motivational speeches to my team and partners.   I manage to deliver the message to the target audience mainly by preparing very carefully the text and overall presentation considering the targeted audience, product or idea presented, environment and occasion, being relaxed and smiling, communicating with the audience by posing questions or slipping a joke here and there when is the case.


Dec 2010 - Present

VMware VSP

May 2009 - Present

IBM Storage Networking Solutions

Jun 2009 - Present

Power System Sales for AIX and Linux

Dec 2009 - Present

EMC Sales Acreditation - Back-up, Archive