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Work experience

Mar 2015Jul 2015


Alliance Sales support

Within a short time of working for Alliance Sales Support, I was put in charge of securing a new and important client Trend Watching. Trend Watching is an online service that uses trend-driven innovation to help their clients eg. Facebook, Google, Vodafone and Coca-Cola to enhance their brands as well as create ground breaking sales campaigns.

Historically Trend Watching had relied solely on in-bound sales, but had expressed an interest in trialling an out-bound sales team. I was responsible for creating and became the only member of the company’s out-bound international sales ‘team’. I worked closely with their Head of Client Services to develop an online bespoke sales patter/technique reflecting the company’s ethos.

I was, initially, responsible for selling tickets to their seminars held all over the world from Sao Paulo to Australia, but was also made responsible for selling subscriptions to their online services. I dealt with this process from start to finish which consisted of; calling potential customers, introducing the product and how it could be utilised given their job role at a specific company, scheduling, creating and presenting bespoke webinars tailored to each individual’s needs to demonstrate the online services and to answer any questions that they may have, as well as opening a channel to discuss pricing and organising invoicing. Within this role I worked with …. companies such as General Motors and Twitter.