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If I believe in it, I can sell it!  I love to get excited about items that I just love myself!  If I love it, so will you!
Organization will set you free!  As a small business owner for several years, I learned what it means to be organized, and to know that there needs to be a place for everything, and everything needs to be in its place!  This is what it takes to maintain an efficient, clean, safe work environment.
Customer Service
Customers need to feel appreciated, understood, and glad that they're lucky enough to have you being the one taking care of them.  It's important to make people feel special, and like the thing that they're interested in will make a positive difference in their life.  They should always leave feeling better than they did when they got there.


I love anything classy.  Whether it be clothes, shoes, cars, or just other people, there's something about the appeal that comes with having a sense of grace and style.  It can be funny, exciting, interesting, witty, charming or cute - But class is what sells me!

I love being with family, and being a wife and a mom.  As a mother of five kids (six if you count our German exchange student!) I have lots of responsibilities, and wouldn't trade any of them for the world.

I am an animal person, and can't get enough of them, whether they be fluffy or furry.

I enjoy cooking, when I don't have to, and love coffee and sweet wines, especially Israeli Moscatos!

Work experience

Jan 1997Jul 2010


Hobby Horse Day Care

As the owner/Operator of Hobby Horse Day Care, I learned what it takes to run a small business and make it not just work, but thrive, through every type of economy.  My client base grew consistently, and I made not just business acquaintances, but friends who trusted me with more than their kids - They confided in me and sought my help and advice in their daily lives.

My responsibilities included not only providing a stable, loving and safe environment for kids of all ages, but also food prep and storage, cleaning, crisis management, and customer relations, not to mention keeping up with all documentation, state requirements, billing and taxes, just to name a few things!

It's been a long time since I've been someone else's employee, but I think that knowing what it takes to be "the boss" makes me a better and more valuable part of anyone's team!


Sep 1988May 1990


Twin Falls High School


Jamie Hicks

Also a daycare client, Jamie also owns and operates her own business.

Susanne Boden

I watched Susanne's two children for several years, and we became close friends.