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Work experience

May 2008Jul 2008

Data Entry Clerk


I worked for Proffice at the National Tax Office in Stockholm Sweden. The job was to register and verify incometaxdeclarations from employees and from different companies all over the Stockholm region.

Jan 2008Feb 2008

Data Entry Clerk


Worked for Proffice at the National Tax Office. The Job was to register and verify background material to the incometaxdeclaration for the year 2008.

Dec 2007Dec 2007

Data Entry Clerk


Worked for Proffice at the Enforcement service (Kronofogdemyndigheten). It was a one week job at the Archives of the Enforcement service in Malmö, Sweden

May 2007Aug 2007

Data Entry Clerk



Sep 2010Jan 2011

National Defense College

International Law, 1- 30 pts

International Law

The UN Charter

Human Rights

Laws of Armed Conflict


Written examination

Sep 2009Jan 2010

Malmö Högskola

Administrative Law, 1 - 30 pts

Administrative Procedure, written Assignment and oral Presentation, 5 pts

The Administrative Procedure, written examination, 10 pts

Labour Legislation, written examination 7,5 pts

Project work, written assignment and oral presentation, 7,5 pts

Jan 2009Jun 2009

Malmö Högskola

Intelligence Analysis, 1 - 30 pts

Introduction to Intelligence Analysis, 15 pts

Business Intelligence, 15 pts

Sep 2008Dec 2008

Malmö Högskola

International Relations, 1 - 30 pts

Liberalism (7,5 pts)

Realism (7,5 pts)

Alternative Perspectives (7,5 pts)

Jan 2006Dec 2007

Malmö Högskola

Peace and Conflict studies, A - C level (1-90pts)

A - LEVEL (1-30 pts)

Introduction (7,5 pts)

Organized Violence (7,5 pts)

Media Wars (7,5 pts)

Making Enemies (7,5 pts)

B - LEVEL (31-60 pts)

Conflict Theory (7,5 pts)

Methodology and Method (7,5 pts)

Conflict History (7,5 pts)

Project Work (7,5 pts)

C - LEVEL (61-90 pts)

International Public Law (7,5 pts)

Cosmopolitism (7,5 pts)

Sep 2000Dec 2006

Bachelor of social science

Södertörns Högskola
Sep 1994May 2000

Swedish School of Social Sciences

Major Subjects:

Public Economics and Political Sciece

Public Law


Minor Subjects:



Bachelors Thesis:


Right now i am jobhunting and i am looking for a new job or a new career.  So, what kind of jobs am i looking for?. 

- Administrative Jobs

- Front Desk Clerk Jobs

- Guest Service Agent Jobs

- Data Entry Clerk Jobs

- Federal/Local/Regional Government Jobs

- Political Consultant/Political Advisor Jobs

I am open to other suggestions as well, because i am very flexible. I want and can work fulltime. I would love to work anywhere in The United States of America or Canada because the situation here in Sweden is really bad when it comes to finding a job.  So, if i could get a work permit to work in America or Canada

it would help me very much.


I read a lot and follow what different researchers in my academic fields writes about. I watch the news everyday from around the world because i am really interested in what is going on in the world because that is important when you are a political scientist. When i´m not working, studying or helping others to find a job, i enjoy watching NBA Basketball and NHL Icehockey.

I also read a lot of books by different authors. Some of my favorite authors are: David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, Vince Flynn, John Grisham, and Tom Clancy.


I would love to work within  the federal/national government in Sweden where i can use all the skills that i have learned during my education. 

I coulde also see myself working as a Data Entry Clerk for any interesting companies or federal governments in the United States or Canada because i have attended Elementary School and Jr High School in the United States.

Another job i could really see myself doing is working as a Front Desk Clerk at a big hotel in the United States or Canada, because i am very serviceminded and i love to help people. And i am a very warm and loving person.

During the period 1978 until March 1980 i lived in Madison, Wisconsin where i also attended Elementary School. During the period January until June 1988 i lived in La Jolla, California where i attended Muirlands Junior High School.  So i feel very much at home all over North America, but i need a work permit to be eligible to work in the United States or Canada.


Analytical Skills
I have been trained to analyze many different political phenomenon during my Political Science Education.
English Skills
I learned the English language back in 1978 will living in Madison, Wisconsin. I have used the English Language all the time during my higher education, because almost all of our books and material where written in English.
Data Entry Skills
Worked as a Data Entry Clerk at the National Tax office, but was employed by Proffice Sverige AB.