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Finding a position that allows me to utilize and expand my current skills on the .NET platform and that allows me to explore new technologies and better ways to write software.

Work Examples


“Paul is a solid all-rounder with excellent problem solving skills and strong development skills. Paul would be an asset to any company.” 

-- Brendon Tucker, COO, SOCRATES Inc, a SCIOinspire company

managed Paul indirectly at SOCRATES, INC


  • Over 10 years experience developing software on the .NET platform
  • Wide range of technical experience
  • Always eager to learn new technologies


Aug 1998Dec 1999


Bradford School
Aug 1994Jun 1998


Southmoreland High School


.NET Platform

Work experience

Feb 2011Present

Sr. Software Engineer / Contract

Cannon Boiler Works

Responsible for the design and implementation of an ASP.NET application that is the first phase in replacing an existing desktop application.  Project includes review of existing code, working with sales staff to determine needs for first version of the online application and putting in place a system that is able to be expanded on for future additions to the application.

Skills Used:

  • ASP.NET - Used for the creation of a website that will be used by field sales people to determine the best product for a client.
  • C# - Used for all backend and codebehind code for both WCF services and website code.
  • WCF - Used for services to perform tasks such as Logging, Authentication, data retrieval and email.
  • SQL - Modified existing SQL database and stored procedures to fit the project that I was working on.
  • .NET 3.5 - Used exclusively for all pieces associated with this project.
Sep 2010Feb 2011

Software Developer / Contract

West Penn Allegheny Health System
  • Worked with a team of developers to take an existing Physician Portal and rewrite it using ASP.NET. The application consolidates patient data from many sources including Labs, Radiology and Imaging, along with physician notes and patient demographics for use by out of network doctors and patients.

  • Skills Used:

  • C# - Used exclusively for all backend and codebehind code used for the web and wcf services and ASP.NET websites. 

  • ASP.NET - Used as front end for several website projects

  • MVC - Used initially exclusively for all projects.  Creating a "portal" that we could plug in portable areas so that development could be modularized.  This design was placed on hold because of time restraints. 

  • WCF - Used for services that performed tasks such as Logging, Authentication, Data retrieval, auditing, and email.

  • Web Services - Used for some smaller projects where database and data were delivered by another team.  Simply consumed these services to create a web front end for these projects.

  • MySQL - Used exclusively for all database needs.  Had part in some table creation and stored procedure authoring.

  • Telerik Controls - Used for our ASP.NET application.  Main controls that we used from the Telerik library included:  RadGrid, Tab control, Text Boxes, Chart and captcha.
  • .NET 3.5 - Exclusive .NET platform used for all projects.
  • SCRUM - Daily SCRUM meetings allowed us to keep each project on course and make resource adjustments on a daily basis if needed.  This sometimes required a quick shift from one task to another.
Feb 2010Aug 2010

Software Developer / Contract

Just Between Friends
  • Part of a team of developers who redesigned web application for speed and multiple server setup. Original application was not scalable and couldn’t handle the high volume of traffic the company was receiving. Part of the re-write included implementing a new architecture that included NHibernate for data access. New features developed by me included a startup wizard that created accounts in the system, a coupon generation module that generated unique barcodes and placed them within a PDF file, a windows service that read EML files generated by SMTP and queued them up and sent them out to the recipient.

  • Skills Used:

  • C# - Exclusively used for all backend and codebehind code.

  • SQL (2008) - Modified existing tables, created and modified stored procedures.

  • NHibernate - Used for data access for new version of the software that was being written.

  • IIS - All web sites and services were hosted on a dedicated server in IIS.

  • ActivePDF - Used to create coupons for promotions.  Generated barcodes and fed them to activePDF for PDF rendering.

  • Telerik Controls - Grid, Captcha, Textbox, Tabs, etc.  Exclusive set of controls used for the project. Specifically I used the tab controls to create a custom wizard control that was used in several places in the project.
  • .NET 3.5 - all code was written using the .NET 3.5 platform.
Jun 2009Oct 2009

Application Developer

Payroll Solutions

  • Working on integration tool for use between Millennium3 Payroll system and Attendance on Demand time system. Responsible for data transformation between systems via a mapping tool. Integration occurred based on database changes monitored by a windows service.

  • Skills Used:

  • Visual Studio 2003, 2008

  • VB6

  • SQL (2000)

  • VBScript

  • IIS

  • Agile Methodology

Oct 2008May 2009

Software Developer / Contract

  • Writing web/desktop application to assist in the production of sports jersey lettering. Application responsible for receiving orders from web storefront and tracking order through the workflow steps in production.

  • Skills Used:

  • Visual Studio 2003, 2008

  • VB.NET

  • eConnect

  • Great Plains

Sep 2008Sep 2008

Consultant / Contract

New Perspective

Assisted in the migration of 12 websites to a new web server. Included sites using SSL and several sites using Ekctron CMS tools.

Skills Used:


May 2008Aug 2008

Software Developer / Contract

DelMonte Foods

Assisted in the maintenance of a series of linked Excel spreadsheets used to predict product shipments for DelMonte Foods. Work was to become familiar with the business rules in the spreadsheets so that the team could write an equivalent .NET application.  Project was ended before application was started.

Oct 2006May 2008

Senior Software Developer


MY SOCRATES Software system

  • Maintained/Enhanced VB.NET/C# application used for the management of insurance subrogation cases and recovery of money for the company's clients (Health Insurance Companies). The application used a SQL database to store medical claims. Application was responsible for the import of medical claims from clients via flat files (delimited or fixed) and the 'scrubbing/filtering' of the data to determine the possibility of a recovery based on diagnosis codes. The application also printed questionnaires to be sent to insurance subscribers with a 128b barcode that was used to link the questionnaire back to the case upon return. Some enhancements that I worked on were: Integration of Faxpress Server into the application to send/receive faxes and supply updates on outgoing fax status to the user. Retooling of case Search to be faster and more efficient i it's use of database resources. Addition of tracking case status behind the scenes to enable reporting on case time statistics and prediction future revenue.

  • Managed ASP.NET web application that allowed clients to access their case information and view live data. Rewrote reports using DevExpress reports to allow users to download reports as pdf, excel, etc. Allowed the viewing of Word documents over the web using Open Office as a service and pushing the document as a pdf to the web browser.

  • Created/Managed a web Report Center using Web Services and ASP.NET. Reports were created using DevExpress report tools.

  • Skills Used:

  • C#

  • VB.NET

  • SQL (2000, 2005)

  • WCF

  • Castelle Faxpress

  • DevExpress Tools


  • Open Office

  • Agile Methodology

May 2006Sep 2006

Application Developer / Contract

Payroll Solutions

Data Conversion Utility

  • Part of a team that developed, from the ground up, a utility that transforms data from an AS400 based flat-file system into a windows based application using SQL 2000. I was responsible for building “Business Objects” that represented each Table/file that was converted from/to. I was also responsible for developing a “Converter” class that was capable of converting from one business object to another, as well as a file reader/writer that could read and write from these objects and an SQL object that could save/load these objects to an SQL database. I created the “workflow” that the application used to run the different parts of the transformation. These workflows could be selected/deselected as needed. I also designed the User Interface for the application, which included security and the ability to start a transformation, view the log files from a running transformation and the ability to change the application’s settings.

    • Skills Used:

      • VB.NET

      • SQL 2000

      • Object Factories

      • Attributes

      • Windows Forms

      • XML

      • Serialization

      • Threading

      • COM Interop

      • Remoting

Mar 2000Jan 2006

Software Engineer

Philips Medical Systems

Application Configuration Editors

  • Developed configuration editors for a clinical charting system that is used in a hospital critical care unit. I was involved in designing the User Interface (UI) for the editors as well as designing/creating Datasets and Data adapters to interact with the underlying framework (data layer) that interacted with the database. I was responsible for the UI and Business Logic. I also worked on one editor that required direct interaction with the SQL database (skipping the framework data layer). I was responsible for creating my own data access class that eventually became part of a windows service.

    • Skills Used:

      • C#

      • Visual Inheritance

      • Data Sets

      • Data Adapters

      • SQL Server 2000

Data Warehouse

  • I was part of a team of developers that was responsible for designing a data warehouse database that would be used for extracting data from the application's database and transforming it (using SQL transformations) into data that the data warehouse could use. I was also responsible for designing the cubes that would present the data and a UI that would display the data to the user and make it easy for the user to select and view data from the data warehouse database (via custom cubes viewable in a data grid and Crystal Reports for predefined reports). This project was cancelled the first time around and was restarted. The second time around I was primarily responsible for the user interface.

    • Skills Used:

      • SQL server 2000

      • Microsoft Analysis Manager

      • C#

      • Microsoft Access

Web Application

  • Design and Build web application to interface with Windows based software suite. Responsible for creating data validation scripts, Web Page Generator, Password Utility, and Localization

    • Skills Used:

      • IIS

      • HTML

      • XML

      • Visual Basic (6)

      • ASP

      • JavaScript

      • C++

      • SQL Server 2000

      • Microsoft Access

Medical Software

  • Help Maintain Medical Software Suite. Adding new features also responsible for designing and implementing localization plan for entire software package for support of 15 languages

    • Skills Used:

      • C++


Ryan Colditz

Ryan has been placing me in positions in the Pittsburgh area since 2006.

Shijun Shen

Shawn was my direct manager at WPAHS.

Matt Trevors

Matt was my manager at SOCRATES, INC.  We worked together on design of all projects that I completed at SOCRATES.

Jim Gogal

Worked with Jim on several projects at Philips Medical Systems.