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William Howell

Security Specialist / Strategist 


High School Diploma

College of the Albremarle

Work experience

Jul 2005Dec 2010

Infantry Soldier

United States Army

An individual must first realise that they are putting  their own life on the line... 

-Weapons Training ( Always )

-Weapons Qualification ( M2A1 50. caliber Machine Gun,  M-4 Carbine, M-249SAW MG, M-240B MG, AT4 Tank Buster, Frag grenades, M-9 Colt, Hand-to-hand combat 

-Weapons Attachment Qualification (  M-68 sight attachment, ACOG sight attachment, NVG's, PAQ-4 laser day/night targeting sight, M-203 Under BarrelGrenade Launcher    

-combat life-saving qualification- Patch up good enough to receive Proper Medical Care! ( CPR, Treating Head Trauma, Compound Fractures, Recover, and Rescue unconscious victims)




Outerbanks Lock, Key and Safe

Installing anything that can be installed on doors. That including wood, metal, and glass doors. Residential and business. 

Opening locked vehicles, homes, and businesses. That's including the occasional Safe, that must be opened for the Police Department.  

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