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Work experience

Dec 2011Present


PRIME Business News

  My responsibilities with PRIME require professional editorial skills to ensure that articles translated from Russian are precise in meaning and reflect the original with a high degree of accuracy. I draw from my past journalistic experiences, knowledge of AP style and the Russian language,  as well as investigative skills to fulfill the professional demands of this position.

  Communication with my co-workers is essential as the detailed work regarding translations entails correctly conveying specific and technical jargon as well as quotes of professional authorities which requires the utmost accuracy.

  Now that I'm working remotely in the U.S., my shift is carried out from 4am to 12am after summer solstice and switches to 3am to 11am the rest of the year.

Jan 2012Mar 2012

Free-Lance reporter

Russia Profile

  This position was not for those lacking persistence. I was working as an Editor for PRIME as well, but I was able to successfully manage my time.

  In an environment that is ripe with stories and intrigue, exercising story ideas and putting them to paper was, in a word, exhilarating!

Apr 2010Apr 2011

Multimedia Editor


  This was a new addition to our news organization. Goals had to be established in order to produce captivating products that were also a responsible representation of newsworthy topics.

*I created podcasts, slideshows, and videos weekly for the INDEX online edition.

*I cooperated with news, features, and sports departments in to coordinate news reporting efforts to produce convergent representations of the weekly coverage.

*Occasionally it was my job to write print stories, when applicable, in accordance with my projects.

May 2010Aug 2010


KTVO, ABC News Affiliate

  As an intern, I was quickly acquainted with the staff, daily responsibilities and expectations of the broadcast crew. My duties quickly changed in order to take on the role of a reporter in the Kirksville area. Everyday I gathered clips and interviews from local sources, edited shots into coherent resources of information and wrote scripts for stories that aired during the 5pm, 6pm and 10pm programs.

* Gathered clips and interviews from sources.

* Edited shots/clips

* Wrote scripts for stories

Jun 2010Aug 2010


Provincial Telegraph

I wrote one to two columns a week of my observations and cultural interactions during my stay in the Russian city.

* Wrote about my first impressions of the Russian city for the weekly publication.

* Schooled in Russian journalistic writing and style with a tutor.

* Conducted an interview with a criminal investigator in Russian.

Sep 2009May 2010

Staff Reporter


* Gathered information from primary sources.

* Introduced story ideas.

* Articles were published in the weekly student-produced newspaper.

May 2009Jun 2009

Staff Reporter/Intern

Cape Argus

I scouted for stories within the city. Daily assignments were also given.

* Scouted for story ideas shortly after arriving.

* Investigated leads and worked to meet deadlines.

* Discussed editing techniques with my editor and supervisor.

Feb 2009May 2009

Staff Reporter


* Delivered clear and concise information over topics concerning the community.

* Attended weekly coaching sessions.

* Learned the basics of news reporting and writing from my editors and fellow reporters.


Independent Study

    I'm currently studying computer programming though a course offered by Coursera as well as HTML and CSS using online resources.

    Other classes that I'm participating in include Sustainability of Food Systems: a Global Life Cycle Perspective and Climate Change.

    My continued language studies are detailed below.

Aug 2007Dec 2011

B.A. in Journalism; minored in Russian Studies

Truman State University
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Continued Language Acquisition in German and Chinese
Continued Pursuit in Language Acquisition in German and Chinese
Arabic Language
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Japanese Language
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Russian Language


Saratov, Russia. columns/article