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Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Network Security engineer

  • During the summer of 2010 I trained at Saudi Electricity Company .
  • I joined SABIC as a fresh graduate in 2011, as a new employee i involved in a professional development plan-PDP- , it helped me to bridge the gap between the academic experience and the real work environments experiences. 
  • During the PDP i involved in the end user support department, mainly to
  • Troubleshoot and support the end users IT related issues.
  • During the PDP i worked in developing our IT infrastructure department and Security operation section intranet page using  MS SharePoint technologies.
  • During the PDP i enrolled in a rotation to all our IT departments and their sections to get familiar with their scope of work and the way they are integrated to provide a sustainable and professional IT services
  • Then i engaged with the security Operation center section, especially with the network security team to provide the required support to SABIC MEA region.
  • I worked in Cisco ASA and Juniper firewalls in many different cases like configuration, configuration audit, and review and hardening, i'm familiar with the firewall configuration maturity model which is meant to secure the firewall from the configuration side.
  • I worked in SABIC Blue coat proxies, i am aware of the best practice configuration, audit, review and  configuration hardening mechanisms. 
  • I worked in SABIC VPN services, mainly to mainly toProvide VPN access, Troubleshoot and support the related issue
  • I worked in Cisco ACS systems to ensure the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting 
  • I worked in the Cisco MARS, the Monitoring, Analysis and response system.
  • I worked on a  prove of concept -POS- with Paloalto Firewall product and we remotely worked and discovered its capabilities.
  • I worked on a POS with McAfee web gateway product and i discovered its great functionalists and features like SaaS and GTI..etc .
  • Currently i am also assigned as aPrimary  security connect to operation focal point, this is to ensure a smooth project handover and acceptance between the projects team and the services team, it requires deep study and analysis of the projects scope and security assessment in order to provide the full  requirements to implement the security related projects.
  • I worked and appreciated in may contributions in the Security Emergency response team, ERT was 24/7 shifts, we responded to many cases like phishing scams and the way we can take action against such cases. 
  • I worked on the Remedy system, SABIC ticking system and i generate many reports out of it.
  • I involved and appreciated in my participation to SABIC STIM10 team and the valuable awareness about paperless strategy presentations i've conducted in our IT booth during STIM10. 
  • I received many appreciation letters from SABIC end users due to the provided support .


Professional Courses
  • Course: Introduction to ISO 27001 2005 standard. April 2011 by CoEIA.
  • Course: Bluecoat proxy certified Administrator.
  • Course: Microsoft ITCAN program and a certificate of completion and fulfillment  for a complete set of Dale Carnegie training sets. 
  • Course: Introducing Cisco networking devised 1 and 2.
  • Course: implementing Cisco IOS IINS.
  • Course: Microsotrft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).
  • Course: Quality awareness and TQM.
  •  Course: proper techniques for effective writing.
  • Course: Qualities of dynamic presenter.
  • Course:seven habits of highly effective people.
Mar 2007Present

Bachelors | IT College Of Computer science and information

King Saud University

  IT Specialization in College Of Computer science and information  equips students with necessary knowledge bodies and tools to develop and understand Information systems and it implied applications.i'm seeking to Accomplish my learning in the field , which is combination of technology to support operations, management, and decision-making,programming software Engineering,information security and Data base management systems .

Year of Graduation is 2011.  GPA is 3.88/5 . 

* Graduation Project:

    I worked on a project to develop an evolutionary prototype of an innovation that helps preventing phishing and online scams. The innovation, namely The Guarantor, purposefully inspired to address the 13 known vulnerabilities that most internet users are not aware of as a whole, thus, subjecting their identifying information and account credentials to theft without their consent. This innovation inspired to address the gap that most internet security solutions and policies had left behind by integrating multiple tactics together. The project and the innovation are sponsored by CoEIA. and Dr.Khaled Alghathbar, CoEIA's founder Is the Project supervisor . 

Key Accomplishments: 

  • I worked in the Security Emergency response team, ERT.
  • SABIC Network security run and maintain.
  • C2O focal point
  • The Guarantor project.
  • The Guarantor Evolutionary Prototype -80% Developed-.
  • System analysis and design of an E-Business Directory.
  • System analysis and design of library windows application. 
  •  process simulation , Operating systems.

 Key Learning fields   :

Information Security, Information systems Engineering, Software Requirements Engineering, IT Project Management and  Communication and Mental Skills. 


Microsoft ShairPoint
Microsoft shairpoint used to to create websites to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.
Network firewall configuration
I am aware of the the firewall concepts and configuration implementation, best hardining and operational activities, monitoring and issues troubleshooting.
Internet Proxies.
            I am aware of the internet proxies concepts and implementation, daily operational activities, monitoring and issues troubleshooting.
Adaptive thinking and critical problem solving
 * Six Hats.    
Efficient researching
Microsoft applications
Application development: C#, VB.NET
Java applications


           A technology passionate with a desire for improving my capabilities in the field of  information assurance services and technologies industry, Graduated from the College of Computing and Information Sciences at King Saud University ,graduated in 2011. contributed with two of my colleagues to patent an innovation in phishing and online fraud prevention. 

I joined SABIC since Jun 2011 and Currently working for SABIC IT services in IT infrastructure Department , Security Operation center section as a network security engineer.



Reading: Excellent    -   Writing: Excellent       -     Speaking: Native


Reading: Excellent        Writing: Excellent    -        Speaking: Excellent