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Smartshape Weight Loss Centre is a leading weight  loss independent clinic in Canada, which specializes in three main  surgical weight loss procedure namely the lap-band, gastric balloon and  the gastric sleeve. All these procedures provide the opportunity for  clarification before beginning the procedure and well-rounded support  system to ensure the desired results by the patients are obtained.  Teresa La Viola is a well- known Smartshape coach where she uses her  expertise as a program advisor to provide the best service to her  patients. Smartshape offers several financial programs to its patients  with a patient being approved within forty-eight hours.

Smartshape Weight Loss Centre gastric sleeve is undertaken to reduce  the size of your stomach making you feel fuller faster. The gastric  balloon educates the patient in nutrition and behavioral changes in  order to sustain long-term weight loss. The lap-band procedure is also  very effective to reduce weight loss.

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre
1004 8 St SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0M4
Tel: (888) 278-7952