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Work experience

Jan 1988Present

Education Specialist:Natural Sciences

Limpopo Province:Education Department

I started my teaching career in 1988, teaching English Second Language and Mathematics to high school students of age groups 12 to 30. My additional responsibilities were administering the school and hiring personnel for the school as an acting principal.

In 1997 August the district officially appointed me acting principal for the school after assessing its effective progress under my leadership after having had our first high school graduations.

In 1990 August I got a Career Development Scholarship to study in the State at the University of Southern California for TESOL. I completed my research in 1991 May;and went back to continue teaching and administering the ESL teaching in my district.

I got involved in mathematics teaching through my believe in learning within the context.In 2008 April I graduated in ACE:Mathematics with the university of North West in South Africa.

In 2004 to 2006 I, consecutively, produced 100% pass rate for English Second as well as English First Languages in my classes in the National Grade 12 results; and it was history for the school to achieve such with a number of distictions in English and Mathematics.My expertise in the teaching of in the English enables me to teach any other subject from a different field than my major-hence,my unique skill of teaching across the curriculum towards possibilities in real life situations.

Apart from my teaching career, I possess skills and qualifications in Project Management, Financial Management,Computer Application and Technology,International Education Leadership Skills, Institution Building; and hold a qualifiucation in Community Development Leadership Programs.I am high computer literate and can teach technology integration into the classroom to improve teaching and learning.

Currently I am Educational Specialist in Natural Sciences teaching and learning,supervising and designing programs and projects for the enhancement of teaching and learning subjects in this field of study.


Conflict Resolution
Sports Management
Financial Management
Project Management
Computer Application and Technology
Highly skilled computer literacy skills, and Information Technology knowledge. Excellent technology integration in the teaching and learning situation.


I have strong interest in working with other poeople towards possibilities in life through sports,travelling,mountain hiking,reading fiction and non-fiction,listening to music-reggae,jazz,gospel and soul music as well as house music. I also have an interest in watching action movies as well as documentary films. My hobby is going to religiuos gatherings of whichever denominations.


Gazita Gilbert Mhlongo

Freddy Mongwe

Kenneth Cushner

Professor of Education: Teaching, Leadership and Curriculum Studies.

Linda F. Robertson


I am a 49- year old South African educationists having been involved with classroom teaching and education administration for 25 years to present. I have both apartheid experiences as well as post-apartheid experiences from which I had a lot to learn about working with multi-lingual and multi-cultural people with diverse backrounds and different objectives with education. I am an active member of AMESA-Association of Mathematics Educators in South Africa, English Teaching Forum subscriber and locally I am co-founder and administrator of English teaching committee and Deputy Chairperson of the District's Young Scientist Eskom Expo Committee.I also have a wide network for updates with both National and International Institutions of which I am an Alumni.

Some of my travels includes the US where I gained my TESOL and MATH Teaching skills and ICT expertice.

My work includes addressing the South African Association of Mathematics Educators' (AMESA) 2009 Annual Congress held in the Free State University, on my research regarding 'improving the instruction of math in the classroom' .I have consecutively been awarded with the 2007 and 2008 National Teachers Award for Secondary School Leadership in the Mopani District.Currently I am head of the Natural sciences Department involved in the teaching and learning of Mathematics,Physical and Natural Scienmces,Life Sciences,Technology and Agricultural Sciences.My duties include mentoring,monitoring,moderating and orientating teachers in my department; as well as compiling learner performance reports and evaluation of the teaching and learning situation.


Advanced Certificate in Education

North West University

The programme is post graduate over a foour year duration, and is offered as long distance education progrmme.Participants have to take ten modules in:Mathematics Education,Fundamentals of Mathematics,Computer ApplicationTechnology,Computer Literacy,Education and Learning Theories, Educational Philosophy,Optimisation and Statistics, Geometry, Algebraic-Linear Programming  and Trigonometry.All modules are in the English medium,although students had an option of choosing Afrikaans language medium. Classroom practice is the main focus of this post-graduate programme-how you plan your teaching ,how students learn through your interaction with your them.

Jan 2008Present


Limpopo University

The course is an iniative of the National Department of Math, Science and Technology aimed at empowering teachers with the strategies and skills of how to improve the learner performance in the learning areas as mentioned.The course includes NCS and Subject Policy as well as teaching methodologies of the Technology learning area.

Jan 2009May 2009

International Leaders in Education

Kent State University

 ILEP(International Leaders in Education Program) is a program tenable in the US for a maximum period of 5 months. It  caters for international educationists who had showed excellency in their careers of discipline.I was granted the opportunity to represent South Africa in its very first year of participation in this year's session of 78 international from all over the world.

My placement was at Kent State University in Ohio where I was enrolled in graduate classes of:-

1. Mathematics- mainly in this class we dealt with research in improving the instruction of math in the classroom. It comprised of math content and teaching strategies.

2.Technology-dealing with the integration of teachnology in the teaching and learning  situation in the classroom; as well as application of technology to ease the teachers daily administrative duties at schools.

3.Educational Principalship-the course is aimed at empowering school principals with effective and efficient leadership skills and techniques. In this class I met school principals with whom I shared good managerial skills of turning a school into a functional institution.

Apr 1994Jul 1998

Education Diploma


The course was through DISTANCE LEARNING. I had to continue teaching and had to conduct in-service tasks for the completion of my studies.Contact sessions were also a requirement with compulsory attendance required from students.

The model included: Education 1,2 &3,English 1,2 &3,Mathematics,Physical Education,Computer Literacy,Social Studies and General Sciences.

Assessment was through assignments and external examination by WITS's main campus in Johannesburg after completing a 4 year study and meeting the course requirements.

 The scope of the major subjects English and Mathematics was teaching methodology and content based.

Sep 1990May 1991

TESOL Graduate Program

University of Southern California

This Graduate Program is for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages with a focus on career development opportunities.I was offered a scholarship to develop my English teaching career during the Fall of 1990 on the University of Southern California campus.

The program  required participants to take courses in: Linguistics,Language Acquisition,Program Design and Implementation,Language Policy and Language Planning, as well as the teaching the American English Language.I had a chance of also attending the annual TESOL Conference in New York in 1991,as part of my research to acquire detailed information about the teaching and learning of English globally.

My internship was to teach once a week a class of graduates who needed TOFEL preparations for work in the USA, and our language laboratory was a nice place to be for our activities.



International Leader in Education



North West University

Education Diploma

PROMAT-WITS University

Community Leader Development

WITS (School of Management)


University of Southern California (USA)

Primary Teachers Course

Mamokgalake Chuene College