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Work experience



The Center: A Place of HOPE



Bachelor in Business

Seattle Pacific University


In tandem with her husband, Dr. Greg Jantz, LaFon Jantz co-founded The Center: A Place of HOPE. For nearly three decades, the Edmonds, Washington, facility has provided patients personalized care for depression, addictions, anger, eating disorders, PTSD, emotional and sexual abuse, family and marital problems, or spiritual burnout. Utilizing a whole-person approach, LaFon Jantz and her colleagues lead clients on pathways to wellness that encompass psychological, fitness, dietary, and spiritual aspects of health. A particular focus is on identifying underlying causes for disorders from the outset and setting up a balanced and achievable framework for recovery. Specialized intensive treatment program typically lasts between 1 to 3 months. Our team of world-class, licensed professionals create individualized programs for clients, based on a client’s life experiences and challenges that have contributed to their current situation. We provide compassionate, confidential care that produces lasting results. Unlike most programs that employ a group-session only approach, The Center places an emphasis on tailored individual dialogue. We understand our client’s pain, and more importantly, we understand recovery. We help our clients rediscover who they are and return balance, peace, and happiness into their lives again.


LaFon Jantz met her husband while a business student at Seattle Pacific University and assisted him in formulating the plans for founding The Center: A Place of HOPE. She also has contributed to his publishing career, including assisting with the research for the weight-loss book, “Losing Weight Permanently: Secrets from the 2 Percent Club” (Center for Counseling and Health Resources, 2004). A prolific author, Dr. Jantz most recently coauthored his 30th book release titled "Don't Call it Love" with Dr. Tim Clinton and Ann McMurray (Revell Publishing, 2015).


A Co-founder and Associate at The Center • A Place of HOPE, LaFon Jantz dedicates her life to helping others.  Though she has a passion for her life's work with The Center, LaFon Jantz especially loves her life as a wife and mother of two amazing boys.  In addition, LaFon Jantz is involved with a number of other philanthropic organizations. She has worked as the Region 3 Field Encourager for King County with Moms In Prayer International, a group that works to bring mothers together to pray for the safety, health, and well-being of their children. As a prayer group co-leader, LaFon Jantz regularly encourages many women.  In addition, she has led mission trips to Nicaragua through Forward Edge International, a venture that rehabilitates communities damaged by natural disaster and provides relief to citizens. She continues to make frequent mission trips to Central and South America. LaFon Jantz also applies her passion for philanthropy to various projects within the Christian School system where her two children attend. A resident of Edmonds, Washington, LaFon Jantz is happily married to Christian author and founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE, Dr. Gregg Jantz. To learn more about Dr. Gregg and LaFon Jantz’s efforts, visit