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Sep 2009Present

Film Production

Emerson College

I began at Emerson College in the fall of 2009. A large part of an Emerson education is the hands on practice that comes from film work outside of the classroom. I have learned how to work with large crews on an assortment of different film projects. I have been honing my skills behind the camera for years, and Emerson has really made me focus my strengths as a film maker.

Feb 2011May 2011

International Education Of Students

I studied abroad for the spring 2011 semester. I had never taken a class in Environmental Studies, but I have been interested in environmental change for many years. I took the opportunity to study abroad in Freiburg, Germany, at a brand new program focused on human involvement with regards to environmental change. It was an incredible experience for me.


I have been playing guitar for over 7 years now, piano on and off for about 4 years. I like playing for my own enjoyment, but i have also been in three bands, one of which i am still a member of. Bamboo, as we call ourselves, has been together for four years now, and we play together frequently when we're all back in Ossining from our respective colleges.
It all began with a VHS camcorder when i was six or seven years old. I began making stop motion animated films by clicking the record button, letting the tape run for a few frames and then pressing the button again to stop the frame, and moving my action figures ever so slightly.   My fascination with the capturing of images lead to a few other cameras and improvements. Up until the fall of 2010 i had only used VHS or Mini-DV, occasionally shooting projects on SD cards. During the fall of my sophomore year i began shooting on 16mm film with the Bolex camera.
Film Editing/Post-Production
As far as software is concerned: I am very familiar with Final Cut Pro, as i have been using the program for almost five years now. I have a basic knowledge of Soundtrack Pro, which i learned how to use during my freshman year at Emerson. I also have a basic knowledge of Adobe Aftereffects. I am beginning to learn how to use Avid.   I took Film 1 during the fall semester of my sophomore year at Emerson College, and am now fully enabled to edit 16mm film on the Steenbeck editing stations. I also am very familiar with the sound transfer equipment, which allows me to put audio onto magnetic tape to be played along with the 16mm film.

Film Work

I have done (almost) everything from PA work to Directing. I have had my hands on many different pieces and types of equipment, and have been involved in many different projects. Here I have listed a few of the more recent works:

-"Piece of Cake"  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

-"Preserving Our Place"   (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

-"Creative Hero"  (Cinematographer)

-"Revolution of Sound:The Resurgence of Vinyl Records"  (Camera Operator, Grip)

-"Dan and Harriet"  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

-"Dream Girl"  (Cinematographer)

-"I Don't Wanna Leave"  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

-"NBS Promotional Video"  (Grip)

-"Boston Bowl"  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

-"Zombie"  (Cinematographer, Editor)

-"How to Make a Sandwich"  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)

-"No Soap Radio (Revolving Doors)"  (Cinematographer)

-"Striving for Equality"  (Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Editor)


I am interested by a whole slew of things. In no real order I will list some of the things I enjoy/am fascinated by:

-Marine biology

-Soccer (or football, if you prefer)

-Climate change

-Art Exhibits



-Music (a wide array of genres) and live concerts


-A good book




-Cooking and trying new foods

-Getting lost in a new area when I don't have anywhere better to be (I hate running late)

-Watching films

-Analyzing marketing tactics

-Hearing a good friend tell a long story

Work experience

Jun 2008Present


Shattemuc Yacht Club

Full time for three consecutive summers, lifeguarding and maintaining the yacht club's pool. I was promoted to Head Lifeguard halfway through summer 2010.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Film Instructor

Ossining's Summer Environmental Academy

The Summer Environmental Academy in Ossining, NY, is a summer camp focused on the environment. The campers are sixth and seventh graders, and the day is split into two parts. The first part is outdoors, where the students learn about the woods surrounding Brookside school (where the camp is held) and gather footage of invasive plants. The second half of the day is spent editing the footage into a documentary that the children are working on about said invasive plants. I help them shoot video, log footage, and edit the footage using iMovie.

This is my first teaching experience and I really enjoy it.

Oct 2008Jul 2009


Stop and Shop

I worked for Stop and Shop during my senior year of high school. I learned a lot about the inner workings of a supermarket and marketing, which led to a lot of interest in the food industry as a whole.

Jul 2008May 2009


Club Fit

Served as a lifeguard at the indoor pool at Club Fit, a local gym in Briarcliff, New York.

Jun 2007Aug 2007


The Residential Interior Corporation

Between Sophomore and Junior year of high school I worked with my father's company in Manhattan, NY. I performed basic on-site construction duties, helping out wherever i could lend a hand.