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Work experience

Drive Through


Able to take orders efficiently. Able to work with both employers and customers. Good at counting up the amount of change due (math skills). Good with socializing with customers. Organized and focus minded. Interpersonal skills. Flexible hours out of school.

House Cleaner

Self Employed

Able to finish on time. Trustworthy enough to lock up after done and to know that everything will turn out better than expected. Leave everything spotless. Organized enough to bring all needed materials. Interpersonal skills with both "customers" and working partners.  




Able to communicate clearly

Fast Learner

Able to quickly understand or pick up something in a small amount of time.


Fluent in both english and spanish.

Math Skill

Able to count change efficiently and fast.


Always ready on time. Or even before.

Interpersonal Skill

Good with people.


Able to keep everything tidy and organized.