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Oasis Of Hope Hospital

The Cancer Treatments of Oasis of Hope

  • Tijuana
  • +52 664 631 6100


Oasis of Hope Hospital currently offers patients a free medical phone consultation as well as reimbursement of up to $1,500 for airfare to travel to this Tijuana, Mexico, alternative cancer treatment center. In addition, potential patients can take advantage of a free day of visiting the Oasis of Hope Hospital with a companion. The visit includes pickup from the airport in nearby San Diego, meals, and access to all of the hospital’s educational classes.

On a patient’s first day at Oasis of Hope Hospital, he or she meets with a representative who oversees his or her progress during the stay. Patient representatives provide general information about rooms, handle admissions paperwork, and show patients around the facilities.

At Oasis of Hope Hospital, accommodations include 24-hour nursing care, an intensive care unit, wireless Internet access, a personal phone, a private bath, and cable TV. An onsite chapel and a gym within walking distance round out the comprehensive list of amenities. Offering treatment for patients with all types of cancers at different stages, Oasis of Hope Hospital treats those with stage IV cancers through a variety of methods. Patients undergo integrative treatments that facilitate chemotherapy, including epigenetic therapy, which aims to turn around epigenetic changes in the chromosome structure that resists chemotherapy.

Oasis of Hope Hospital also strives to make chemotherapy more tolerable for patients and takes measures to ensure that surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged. Patients with stage IV cancer also receive IRT-C therapy at Oasis of Hope Hospital, which provides intravenous doses of vitamin K and C, supplements that exert a high level of oxidative stress on cancerous growths and shrink them. The IRT-IL therapy requires daily injections of interleukin-2, which strengthens the immune system’s attack on the cancer.

Oasis of Hope Hospital uses signal modulation therapy to reduce the aggressiveness of the cancer and anti-angiogenic methods to slow the growth of tumors’ new blood vessels. In addition to providing these treatments for patients with advanced cancers, the staff at Oasis of Hope Hospital offers counseling that addresses patients’ psychological and spiritual needs.

Recently, the hospital analyzed its two-year survival rates for common stage IV cancers and found its rate higher than those recorded by the National Cancer Institute for conventional treatments. To read more statistics and find additional information about Oasis of Hope Hospital, visit