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Course Experience

Wi-Fi Based Flight Formation Maintenance System for UAVs

A local positioning system that precisely and accurately maintain flight formation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the event the conventional navigational signals (GPS) are lost.

Digital Process Controllers

Using LogicWorks to design a digital process controller used in a chemical manufacturing process control system.

Single-Stage RF Amplifiers

Using CAD tools, "RF Assistant", "Matchmaker", and "Clove" to design a lumped-element component using inductors and capacitors and another design using distributed transmission lines.


Seeking a career in Electrical Engineering utilizing strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal relation skills in a challenging, creative and stable environment.


Jean Sellers

Linh Do

Tracy McCain

Technology Summary

Certifications:    Service Zone/Dell Technical Support Training

Systems:            Windows NT, Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7, Mac, Linux

Databases:         Oracle, SAP, Solomon, Doc-Link,170 MarkView

Languages:        Visual Basic, C++, Java, Basic, Fortran, Assembly Language

Software:           MS Office, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, LabView, MATLAB

Travel Mgmt:     Expense Link, Concur


Work experience

Jul 2008Present

Senior Purchasing Analyst

  • Support all purchasing responsibilities and processes. 
  • Support field markets related with business functions. 
  • Manage vendor setup and update process. 
  • Administer setup and maintenance to the vendor master records in Financial system accurately and in a timely manner. 
  • Perform audits of the vendor master database for duplicates and vendors with no activity. 
  • Create monthly and quarterly reports for vendors. 
  • Assist and ensure proper reconciliation and administration of Purchasing program, Procurement Card.
  • Test functionalities of software for implementation.
  • Solely responsible for contractor training, coaching, counseling and development as well as performance management.

Selected Contributions:Assist in testing functionalities of new financial system.Contributed as a Friendly User Trial (FUT) user, a testing role part of the handset approval process.  A phase that uncovers phone functionality or application and reporting issues in a timely manner.

Jan 2008Jul 2008

Travel and Expense Administrator

Ericsson Inc
  • Handled travel and expense reports according to the PTP Process and specific Local Company adaptations. Follow up on blocked and pending T&E reports.
  • Provided  end-user support.
  • Administer financial data in MUS and e-forms is correct according to external financial requirements as well as Ericsson internal accounting directives and instructions. 
  • Prepare material asked for based on business requirements for external auditors. 
  • Escalate issues to the relevant instances when applicable. 
  • Supervised, maintain and ensure compliance of process.
  • Conducted software testing to train and support Concur users.

Selected Contributions:Completely manage MUS (Canada) Travel and Expense auditing and also contributed to taking responsible for half of EUS (United States) auditing from a team of two responsible for EUS.Handled over 800 expense reports each week and consistently met service standards.

Jul 2007Jan 2008

Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Vendor specific prepayment processing. 
  • Review and process invoices, expense reports, and check requests. 
  • Assist managers with outstanding check inquiries and customer refunds. 
  • Ensure vendor check copies to vendor invoices are accurate and correct before mail checks.

Selected Contributions:Researched and saved the company over $70,000 on outstanding checks over a period of two months.

May 2006May 2007

Accounts Payable Clerk

Safety Kleen
  • Process pay for oil transactions using SAP. 
  • Keyed 600-700 transactions daily using alphanumeric data entry. 
  • Purchase order data processing in SAP. 
  • Keyed approximately 200 to 300 purchase orders daily.  C
  • onducted 3-way matching process on invoices input for payment. 
  • Process expense reports.

Selected Contributions:Fully manage pay for oil transactions that eliminate the entire Accounts Payable team of 12 from working on Saturdays to meet customer’s needs for specific transactions.