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Work experience

Oct 2008Present


  • Tutored college student first year Calculus
  • Provided practice questions and exams with detailed solutions
  • Provided progress reports to the student for a complete learning experience
Aug 2009Feb 2010


  • Added captions to CMA lectures
  • Reviewed work of other subtitlers for caption rate and initialization
  • Reported any missing captions to higher authority


Sep 2007May 2011


University of Toronto


Design and Analysis of Information Systems
Managed a team of eight students to produce a fully functional e-commerce website for purchasing racquet sports merchandises Used Excel and Project to create and update the project schedule on a weekly bases Made individual schedules for each SDLC phase – Planning, Analysis, Design, and Implementation  Incorporated Rapid Application Development – System prototyping, to get quick feedback from testers, coders, and interface designers Used SQL to apply data mining techniques for complex data analysis and gathering Resolved communication issues between team members by streamlining efficiency through construction of two subgroups: Coding and User Interface Held weekly meetings with subgroups for project updates, completed tasks, and whether user requirements are up to date  
Decision Analysis
Utilized decision making tools: decision trees and influence diagrams to model trivial and complex decision making problems for investing in stock market, lottery situation and deciding with uncertainty in financial market Applied sensitivity analysis to decision making models to asses how uncertain inputs from the market changes the behavior of the model and influences the decision maker via Tornado diagrams and multi-attribute sensitivity analysis Modeled risk attitudes of risky, neutral, and averse decision makers via utility theory and then used certainty equivalence and risk premium approach to check situations where decision makers are indifferent of the outcomes
Decision Support Systems
  Used A* search and Least-cost search to find predefined goals that are cost efficient for complex decision tree networks for supply chain and logistics Worked with Otter decision support system for automated reasoning with first order logic Applied first order logic in diagnostic reasoning problems for electrical circuits in order to find circuit gates which were considered faulty (short-circuit) Further used Prolog with rule based reasoning for a court trial to find if the accused in guilty  given a knowledge base of evidence Constructed Bayesian decision support netweorks for analysis where I had to find optimal probabilities for different cancer causing agents.  


Technical Skills

  • MS Office Suite: Access, Excel, Project, Powerpoint, Outlook, Visio, Word
  • Technical software: Minitab, StatFit, SmartDraw, SIMLU8, TaskArchitect
  • Software Design Lifecycle (SDLC), C Programming, SQL, UML 2.0, Logic Programming: Prolog, Business Process Modelling Language (BPMN), Game Theory, @RISK, AMPL, XML

Other Relevant Courses

  • Knowledge Management and Modelling
  • Facility Planning
  • Integrated Systems Design
  • Resources and Production Modelling
  • Methods of Quality Control and Improvements


Formula SAE Racing, Business Director, September 2009 – October 2010

  • Contacted potential businesses for events and team sponsorships through email
  • Worked with steering division to give consultation on ergonomics for cockpits and steering
  • Focused on sponsorship for vehicle steering and suspension components
  • Recruited one sponsor for precision welding of A-arm and precision cutting for bearings
  • Assisted in steering design changes from previous year to be more ergonomic with extra support for thumbs to rest
  • Represented the team at Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show 2009 and Super Show 2009 by talking to potential sponsors and visitors about previous year race car(s)
  • Assisted in creating cost report for the steering section of the race car by maintaining database of labour hours, material unit cost and manufacturing cost of components
  • Developed rules and guidelines to be followed by race teams for inter-university race event: Pit Cart Design