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Ryan Monsurate

MBA Candidate ★ Futurist ★ Capital Markets Disciple ★ Electronics Engineer ★ Entrepreneur ★

Work experience


Business Development Intern

  • Worked with legal and engineering teams to understand, ideate and draft critical early stage patents in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Optimized processes and prepared critical financial reports and research reports for the business and technology R&D segments on automation and deep learning

Production Engineer

  • Reduced manufacturing time from 80 to 13 minutes by refactoring and optimizing software at an optical, mechanical, and electronic manufacturing station saving the company $250k.
  • Assumed my team leader’s responsibilities after only 6 months on the job
  • Using data driven insights, optimized production processes across multiple product lines saving hundreds of person hours per year

Business Development Manager

AI Inc
  • Radically increased sales by over 500% ($1M) over 5 years on a tight budget by designing, implementing, revising and analysing multiple online marketing and sales campaigns, implementing blue ocean strategy and targeting the long tail through guerilla marketing using Google Adwords and white hat SEO
  • Decreased labour costs by over 30% by creating a custom CRM, sales and marketing dashboard
  • Improved conversion rates from 3% to 8% by implementing AB testing as well as intelligent geographically and demographically customized marketing campaigns