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About Joshua

JOSHUA MANDELL grew up in the business world. He comes from a long line of successful business executives. His grandfather, father, uncles, and brothers have all been successful in their chosen fields. Joshua is no different. Since the age of 18, he has been earning promotion after promotion. Throughout his career, he mastered various positions and has now become a top producing sales manager.

Joshua now builds profitability by design, listening to client needs, assessing ways to work together and growing business on both sides. He leads internal teams to enhance profits and identifies ways to lower expenses. As a trusted advisor to his clients, Joshua focuses on the needs of his customers. He quickly assesses return on investment (ROI) and offers opportunities to clients that benefit the development of his company’s sales revenue.

Joshua is a likeable, entrepreneur-minded sales manager who strengthens relationships with his clients, by helping them build their businesses. He has an innate ability to listen to their requirements and translate those needs into sales that grow his business.

Advancing sales for his employers, Joshua increases the frequency of sales calls in a territory to establish strong ties with his clients as a way to amplify sales revenue for the regions he manages. In 2002, as Territory Manager for one of the leaders in the industry, Joshua exceeded sales objectives and delivered $150 thousand in sales revenue each month. Achieving sales revenue over $1.9 million, Joshua was responsible for growing the territory more than 33% in fewer than three years. For this, he was recognized as one of the top ten sales associates across North America and was awarded the President’s Club award for outstanding sales achievements for two years running.

Later in his career, as National Sales Manager, he generated sales leads that produced more than $300 thousand in annual sales and created over 30 key accounts including top independent retailers in Ontario earning anywhere from $25 thousand to $150 thousand per month in sales revenue. Joshua supports his clients and grows their business while he improves profits for his employers. Keeping his clients fully satisfied, keeps them coming back to him for product and services.

While honing his sales talents, Joshua developed a keen and creative eye for fashion. In his spare time, Joshua earned himself a spot at the reputable Ontario College of Art and Design where he worked towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. Passionate about graphic design he learned about the fundamental design and marketing principles used in sales and later used this knowledge to promote his custom Canadian-made products. In 2003, he pursued his Bachelor of Arts, completing course work in accounting, advertising, and business management.

Taking into account all he learned during his studies, in 2009, Joshua ventured out on his own and created Autumn Hill Upholstery, a high-end custom Canadian upholstery retailer. Within twelve months, he generated over $300 thousand in sales and reached his breakeven shortly after. An entrepreneur at heart, Joshua’s focus on customer requirements and relationship building ensure his success in creating profitability by design.

                                                                             PROFITABILITY BY DESIGN


Work experience

Mar 2009Sep 2010


Autumn Hill Upholstery Co.

AUTUMN HILL UPHOLSTERY  $25,000/ month sales achievements 

• Established niche market, built relationships with clientele, and sold $300,000 of custom upholstery within twelve months of launch.

• Negotiated and struck attractive agreement with manufacturer and collaborated on high-end advertising for the store’s first year in operation.

• Merchandised products and built greater value into products incenting clients to purchase higher price-point products.

• Designed, serviced, repaired, and supported client purchases and solidified long-standing relationships with new customers.

• Spearheaded store operations and lowered expenses by 50%; shifted break-even point and saved $30,000.

                                                    Identified Market and Launched Canadian Operation

SITUATION: Identified a market for custom upholstered furniture in downtown Toronto and opened a high-end retail store. Owned and operated all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, operations, and finance.

ACTIONS: Researched and attained the quintessential retail location. Opened operation in design centre within a high end and well established furniture mall.

RESULTS: Sold $300,000 of custom made Canadian product after twelve months of business launch. In the second year of business, realized the market was slowing and slashed breakeven point of the operation by 50% from $60,000 to $30,000. Negotiated deal with manufacturer to make quality product in the same time, for less money with lower management fees.


National Sales Manager

Rawhide International Inc.

                                                       Executed Comprehensive National Sales Strategy

Rawhide International Inc.

SITUATION: The company was experiencing a void as the previous national sales manager had left the organization. The company needed to stabilize its customer base and the owner of the business was looking to grow the business aggressively. Sales were decreasing at an alarming rate and the business was in jeopardy. Two product lines existed: an imported product at a starter price point, and a custom Canadian-made product of superior quality. The condition of the market was grim as Canadian manufacturers were slowly going out of business.

ACTIONS: Opened 30+key accounts and leveraged relationships with past and new customers across Canada to grow business, despite a substantial market downturn. Created then implemented strategic plan to develop then strengthen brand loyalty and offered incentives for retailers to purchase multiple products

RESULTS: Generated sales leads, produced $300,000 in annual sales, and served many top independent retailers in major Ontario cities.


Territory Manager

Serta Mattress Co.

                                                                            Revitalized Territory Sales

Serta Mattress

SITUATION: The organization was looking to replace their territory manager for the entire western Ontario region. The sales were $1,450,000 and they were looking to stabilize the territory while growing it.

ACTIONS: Intensified the frequency of customer interactions and identified ample customer requirements. Employed internal sales and marketing tools and grew customer’s businesses. Collaborated on cross-promotion projects and turned existing clients into Serta-only clients. Generated and closed new sales.

RESULTS: Escalated revenue and improved territory sales 33%. Strengthened profits and earned the President’s Club award two years running. Earned respect and confidence of the organization being named one of the company’s top 10 sales associates.


National Sales Manager

Protect-a-bed / Comforpedic

National Product Sales Manager 2006


-Recruited by owner to manage sales and launch new brand in Canadian market. Partnered with sales representatives to improve sales revenue on each sales call.

-Created sales forecasts for products, negotiated large and complex sales, and managed pricing challenges for product launch.

-Presented strategies to senior leadership aimed at boosting sales for brand new product line and created strong product awareness through customer relationship management and trade show events.