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Well developed communication skill set with demonstrated capacity to gather the information needed to successfully mediate disputes, negotiate agreements and reach consensus with disparate parties with an emphasis on shared goals and relationship building.Highly-focused and results oriented.  Manages complex, confidential and time sensitive projects; able to identify goals and priorities and delegate tasks as needed to reach deadlines.  Creates, updates, and maintains detailed records and databases.Provides comprehensive support to executive-level staff; successfully employs private sector experience in mortgage banking, financial planning, insurance, customer service, and broadcasting to provide insight and council as appropriate.Possesses intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the legislative process, working relationships with legislators and staff on both sides of the aisle, established credibility and sterling reputation with lobbyists and activists in the insurance, banking, financial planning, real estate, liquor, retailers, and small business associations.  Professionally trained in public speaking, fact-checking, and copy-writing for news media and marketing. Comfortable addressing persons of authority and large groups.

Work experience

Jan 2007Jan 2011

Committee Administrator

Minnesota Senate

Chief contact for Commerce and Consumer Protection related issues and inquiries. Compiled research and delivered executive level summaries of legislative issues and priorities.  Worked directly with Senate counsel, lobbyists, and activists to draft legislation.  Served as a mediator between committee members and opponents of their legislation to reach compromise and move bills through the process.  Processed an average of 80 bills per legislative session that originated in the Commerce committee, in addition to management of the Senator’s personal legislation pertaining to commerce and consumer protection, Department of Commerce technical bills and the Office of the Attorney General’s consumer protection bills.  Communications director for the Senator: composed correspondence, press releases, constituent outreach pieces as well as speeches and talking points for Town Hall meetings, committee hearings and Senate debates.Orchestrated committee work to include scheduling of hearings and tours, locating and educating testifiers on the committee process, arranging and confirming adequate security and media coverage as needed, delegated work flow to session only staff as appropriate and supplied committee members with supporting documentation, background information and follow up as appropriate and maintained committee records. 

Nov 2005Jan 2007

Committee Secretary

Minnesota Senate

Provided friendly and efficient constituent services via phone, email, letters or in person.  Created a welcoming environment for all guests to the office.  Established relationships with legislators, staff, lobbyists, constituents, and representatives from administrative departments and executive offices.Scheduled all appointments and meetings, arranged all travel and completed all requisite fiscal forms.  Assisted with committee duties to include document preparation, room reservations and set up, equipment acquisitions, and prepared committee minutes.Created and maintained a constituent database: detailing all contacts, issues and resolutions.  Utilized the database to create mass mailings to provide constituent outreach and periodic updates.  Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Front Page, Powerpoint), Adobe Document Creator and Photoshop, Various internet search engines, HTTP programming language; Adapts to new software quickly.


Jan 1999Aug 2000

Professional Certification


3.80 GPA

Dean's List

Honor Roll


Patrick Sexton

Manny Muson-Regala

Robyn Rowen

Senator Linda Scheid

Senator Dan Sparks


Data Management
Creates and maintains databases to track progress on projects.  Monitors projects diligently.
Listens attentively to discover shared goals.  Works toward a goal of not losing, rather than winning all negotiations.  Understands the importance of compromise, long term strategy, and sees interactions as opportunities to build consensus.
Public Speaking
Delivers information in conversational, easy to understand tone to a wide range of personalities.  Drafts speeches, talking points and supporting presentations.  Comfortable with improvisation, handles questions thoughtfully and responds to pressure with ease.
Compiles research on subject matter from personal network, internet, and media sources.  Compiles data into easy to read reports, charts and diagrams.
Meeting Planning
Expert in meeting planning and preparation.  Anticipates the needs of meeting attendees and provides personalized attention.  Works with others to secure appropriate space allocation, equipment and expertise as needed.
Easily develops, nurtures and maintains connections with industry professionals, legislators, and advocates.
Legislative Process
Understands the intricacies of Minnesota's legislative process to include how bills are drafted, amended, processed through committees and the Senate and House.  Comprehends the rules and traditions of the legislative bodies and committee processes.