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I am currently seeking employment overseas as a means to further my career, provide a wide range of experience for myself and my young family, and to work in world class property, with world class staff, for world class guests and clients.


I am a thirty-one year old career Chef and Restaurateur. My Wife and I recently closed our sixty seat restaurant near Victoria Canada due to a poor local economy and imposed government policies. I am a driven, passionate and critical lover of cuisine and fine drink. I get the greatest pleasure from sharing this passion with others, be they guests, friends, or colleagues.

I am fully competent personally and am a great leader of others in all departments in both the front and back of house. My greatest strengths are a relentless approach to consistent excellence, and a personality that forges trusting loyal bonds between guests, staff, other managers and myself.

Reviews and Accolades

Work experience

First and Second Cook

Blue Crab Restaurant, Coast Hotels

Worked as a member of a team during 400+ cover dinner service.

Integral part of in house catering events in busy summer season.

Worked brunch and lunch as first on line, responsible for daily specials

Responsible for mise en place from cold salads, to protein portioning, soups and sauces.

First Cook

Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa

First cook for breakfast, lunch and brunch services.

Created a variety of daily specials for both Marine Pub, and Dining Room.

Participated in problem solving associated with opening a full service food and beverage operation in a luxury hotel environment.

May 2007Dec 2010


Bistro Caché LTD

During my time as a restaurant Chef and owner I transformed an average experience with uninspired food to one that rivaled any in the city. To do this I worked both as Chef and General Manager of all departments. 

As Chef I built strong relationships with local farmers and producers and served local, organic, simply executed seasonal food with a french influence. I used only humanely, and non commercially raised whole animals, poultry and fish including having whole sides of local, organic, natural grass fed beef onsite. My menus consisted of  seasonal, local produce components and I worked hard to meet people who could supply these things year round. My plates were always well thought out, executed with precision and tasted of real, clean food. I took a restaurant with several complaints a night to one that went whole months without any food being sent back to the kitchen. 

In the front of house, I transformed entry level service to a neighbourhood feeling, warm, friendly, and welcoming standard while having absolute technical accuracy, knowledge and competency. I attracted some of the best staff at the highest levels to our small restaurant with my vision. 

This whole package was my primary goal from day one and was finally realized through perseverance, emotional resilience, some great staff and total commitment to excellence.

Jan 2005Jan 2006

Head Cook

Piccolo Restaurant

Worked as first on line for both lunch and dinner services.

Oversaw, and participated in all mise en place for both services.

Ensured that proper seasoning, cooking technique, and presentation was used by all junior cooks.

Created daily specials, with authentic Mediterranean style.

Cooked at all levels for both inside and outside catering events.

Created and implemented Brunch menu with aesthetically pleasing plate design, and extensive use of crossover mise en place from other services.


Jan 2002Aug 2002

Culinary Diploma

Dubrulle French Culinary and Hotel Institute

High Quality Professional Photos

Sample Menus