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I was a brave and wise conquistador. I was selected as a military leader and never was afraid or weak in battle. I defeated an empire of Aztecs with a much smaller army and have been on several voyages.

Work experience

Military leader

Ser Superior

 I was recruited as only the best to lead our superior force of 1,000 troops.  The leader must be fearless and wise and never back down from an enemy and I am all these things. Our warriors have been trained individually to be the best that they can. The enemy has a much greater number on their side. The plaque is threatening but we have very advanced medical training. I've led many expeditions in 1518, March 1519, July 1519, October 1519, and finally in 1521.


Bachelor's degree

University of  Salamanca

I was sent to learn Latin at Salamanca with my half sister. Salamanca has a higher education then most schools and is named after the city  for which it is located in.