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All things Apple, new technology, hardware testing, software testing, motorcycles, playing music, stunt kites, fishing, boating, my family.


I am a support professional with 26 years experience in a variety of environments. My last significant position of 9 years was managing IT support and projects in an extremely dynamic environment for very high level users using highly customized systems and bleeding-edge technology. I am currently providing ad-hoc Macintosh and networking support for small to medium sized businesses, but am actively looking for full-time employment with the right company. I expect market-rate compensation for my expertise, but am open to barter or other interesting arrangements if the situation is mutually beneficial. I prefer to "Think Different" when approaching life, and this philosophy carries through to my career as well.


IT management, business analysis, project management, software troubleshooting and installation, hardware upgrades and repair, network design and maintenance, contract and vendor management, data recovery and manipulation, individual and classroom training. I maintain a high level of personal concern for my clients, and hold myself to the highest levels of professional ethics and standards.

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Work experience


President and Lead Engineer

Colette Technology Consulting

CTC is the premier provider of Macintosh systems support at all levels. We can solve your technology problems, no matter how big or small. We care, and we can help.

May 2010Sep 2010

Process Documentation Analyst at Apple Inc.

Volt Workforce Solutions

  • Elicited business unit requirements through series of interviews.
  • Researched available content management/publishing systems to meet the Department needs.
  • Installed and configured open source CMS, and configured version management.
  • Designed publishing templates using CSS, XSL, and XSLT configuration files.
  • Designed document approval workflow.
  • Designed and performed training for contributors/editors approvers/management and administrators.
  • Created help system and populated with support documentation.
Aug 2000Mar 2009

IT Manager (with BA responsibilities)

Lauder Partners, LLC

Managed all technology-related needs for a high-profile family and staff with cutting edge technology requirements. Provided systems administration for mail, web, ftp servers, as well as multi-user database and contact/calendar management systems on a Macintosh hardware platform. Experienced with setup and support for cell phones, Blackberries, iPhone, satellite phones, gps, pdas and other handheld devices. Regularly performed work with highly sensitive data, maintaining high levels of confidentiality. Managed large wired and wireless LAN/WAN, including multi-point routers w/failover and bonding, VPN, traffic shaping, parental controls, intrusion detection and internet connectivity via cable, dsl, terrestrial and satellite wireless technologies.

Implemented backup systems, application version management, established service level policies and standards, and provided 24x365 support. Provided hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, and repair. Established security policies for networks, servers, and client systems. Managed vendors, outside contractors, and multiple ongoing projects, while maintaining consistently superior levels of support.

Oct 1999Aug 2000

Field Services Consultant

All Bases Covered

Provided hardware, software and network support for ABC clients. Designed and implemented LAN/WAN systems, including internet connectivity, network backup, email servers, ftp and web servers, DNS services, file servers, database and other application servers. Worked with other consultants as a team to handle large projects. Supported primarily Macintosh-based customers; supported firewalls, proxy servers, routers, switches, and hubs.

Dec 1998Oct 1999

Information Systems Manager

CircuiTree Publishing

Provided hardware, software and network support for a 35 node Macintosh network. Published support guidelines, preventative maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting guides for employees. Designed and implemented LAN/WAN upgrades, including migration from Appletalk to IP, integration of a dedicated internet connection, administration of email, ftp and web servers, DNS services, Appleshare IP file servers, Filemaker Pro database server. Supported Centrex voice and voicemail systems, managed purchasing and installation of all hardware and software. Coordinated and executed a project to move the entire company into a virtual workplace (no physical office space).

Mar 1998Jun 1998

HTML Specialist - Learn & Earn Project

Apple Computer (through the Trattner Network)

As one of two HTML Editors working on two 1500+ page sites, I converted coursework into web-based training courses for Apple's channel sales training and internal employee training sites. Evaluated the accuracy and appropriateness of content, graphics, PDF documents and other online resources for publication on the two web sites. Managed sidebar navigation, ring-based navigation and text navigation for each page edited, and maintenance of navigation for all assigned site edit. Participated in the establishment of site development and content standards. Worked with content sources to obtain accurate and appropriate text, graphic and multimedia content. Revised content as needed to meet site standards and maintain consistency throughout the site. Responsible for meeting publication deadlines, and maintaining confidentiality of material prior to public posting on web site.

Dec 1992Sep 1994

Information Systems Manager

ICTV (now ActiveVideo Networks)

Managed multi-platform network, including email (QuickMail, cc:Mail), internet access (SMTP gateway, news readers, WWW, FTP, net access to commercial information systems), file servers (Novell and AppleShare), and dial-in access (Shiva NetModem, LanRover/E, ARA, SL/IP, PPP). Coordinated and tracked equipment repair and spare parts inventory. Responsible for hardware and software purchasing, system configuration and upgrades, and version management of all software. Supported user base of Macintosh and PC computers. Administered analog/digital PBX and voice mail system.

Feb 1991Nov 1992

Frontline Support Specialist

Apple Computer Developer Support

  • Provided technical support to Apple Developers via telephone and email.
  • Contributed to process improvements and support knowledgebase.
  • Created boilerplate email response system to improve response time to email support requests.
  • Assisted team lead with development of voicemail tree structure for incoming telephone calls.
Jan 1989Feb 1991

Service Technician


  • Received customer hardware and purchased products into the service department.
  • Installed hardware upgrades and third-party expansion products into customer's computers.
  • Created customer tracking database for the service department.
  • Tracked repair history for all customers, and identified service trends for specific third-party products.
  • Provided technical support to walk-in customers and store employees.


Jan 1992Present

Apple Technical Coordinator

Apple Inc


Todd Fraser

I've know Rick for over 10 years. He is one of the most knowledgeable, capable IT managers I've ever known. He's fully capable of managing most anything 'Apple' to network architecture design/implementation, to heavy storage solutions. He's personable, a nice guy and a joy to spend time with. His record speaks for itself. I give him my heartiest recommendation for management/implementations of this sort any time.

Margene Larson

Rick is by far the best and most knowledgeable IT Manager I have had the opportunity to work with. He not only is an expert in his field, but he has the ability to explain complex situations in a manner that you understand and are comfortable with what he is saying and what he has done. I have not experienced skills such as Rick's since working with him.

Gary Lauder

Rick has been an excellent IT manager for me and my office. His deep knowledge resulted in his always having a clear idea of what it takes to accomplish a given task and then delivering on that. He was willing to pull all-nighters when it was important. While working for us for over a decade, he always exhibited the highest integrity. One of his greatest skills is his clear communication, especially of complex issues.

Richard Koolkin

I have worked with Rick on several projects. I have always found Rick to be methodical, focused, and highly organized. He can take a large, highly complex, situation and break it down into manageable chunks, and then deal with each chunk in a logical manner. Rick manages each project in a professional manner to deliver a solution that meets the immediate need, but also allows for future needs. His management style is effective, and he deals well with people (technical and non technical alike). Rick communicates clearly and makes sure that goals, objectives, and risks are clearly defined and well understood.

Heather Stern

Rick is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work for. As a client, he was always clear what he wanted done. I would recommend Rick for any position he felt inclined to seek.