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Work experience

Jan 2006Present



Launched in 2006, Mamapedia's mission is to improve the lives of moms everywhere by organizing their collective power. We are creating the premier affinity community for moms - striving to offer them the best wisdom, support and value - with more than 3.5 million members across America.

I am responsible for the company's overall performance both financially and fulfilling its overall mission and charter which is to benefit all moms by organizing their collective power. Their collective power comes in three forms: 1st) wisdom 2nd) Buying behavior 3rd) collective social action.

We have grown the member base to over 3.5 million moms, we haven't gone out for many awards. We are strongly represented over 75 major metropolitan areas. We extend our user base down to Yuma, AZ. We've built up a Mamapedia content and answers space of hundreds of questions asked by moms, and millions of answers given by moms. The company is located in downtown SF. Press page on the site. Funded by Tugboat, Shasta, and Legacy ventures Ron Conway's Angel Investors.

I am a first generation of my family born in NYC. Chinese-American. Went to Catholic school in Queens. High school- Regis High School catholic-Jesuit all boys school in Manhattan.


Sep 1995Jun 1997


Stanford University

Artie Wu


 Four years ago, entrepreneur Artie Wu launched an online community dedicated to helping mothers find assistance on topics ranging from pregnancy and parenting to nutrition and travel. Today, Artie Wu’s Mamapedia has expanded to serve a user base of 3.5 million members across the United States. Content and forums developed through crowdsourcing provide an organized way for mothers to communicate with one another, ask questions, and give answers. Using this platform to promote community development, Artie Wu offers members of Mamapedia the opportunity to participate in the Mamapedia Sweet Deals program, which e-mails daily coupons for discounts on family activities and child-rearing products. A portion of the funds from purchases made through the program is donated to schools and preschools of the participant’s choice. Artie Wu established Mamapedia a few years after his first company, Vividence Corporation, was purchased by Keynote Systems, Inc. As Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Vividence Corporation, he managed fundraising and alliances while overseeing corporate strategy. The customer experience management solutions company was initially backed by Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers and Sequoia Capital until its acquisition six years after inception. Artie Wu has also served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Texas Pacific Group Ventures. His responsibilities in this position included forging relationships with partners, creating new company projects, researching emerging markets, and analyzing investment opportunities. 


Hobbies / Activities:

I really enjoy rockclimbing--I primarily boulder, which is a form of indoor rock climbing where you don't use ropes. I coach youth rock climbing as well. I climb at Mission Cliffs in Mission and Planet Granit in the Presidio, Youth soccer. These are both great youth sports because they teach life lessons. Soccer is team sport, and rock climbing is a personal and analytical endeavor. meditation--I have been meditating since i was 14. I practice various forms of meditation. zen/ buddhist/ taoist meditation. I do this daily. I have also instructed others in meditation practices as well. I am also a meditation trainer.

Groups / Organizations:

I mainly volunteer at a line-level. I am an alumni interviewer for Harvard undergrad and Stanford GSB. I am a parent ambassador at Hamline school for girls in San Francisco.

Favorite Authors:

Hemingway, Joseph Conrad, Allan Watts, Joseph Campbell

Favorite Books:

Allan Watts- the way of Zenn. Joseph Campbell--fear over the thousand faces. Hemingway- a moveable feast. Conrad- Heart of Darkness.