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Work experience

Apr 2011Present

Operations Supervisor

First Data Corporation
Feb 2009Nov 2010

Operations Manager

Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia in 2009.

Organized and developed efficiency-enhancing workflow and process improvements that made it possible to accommodate increasing responsibilities, and decreased shift expenditures by implementing needed controls, maximizing float, and improving overall site items per FTE goal while reducing holdover.

§Engaged in senior management discussions and decisions involving site goals and strategies, shift level decisions, standardization of best practices, and project governance oversight. Managed team operations within Wholesale Lockbox with a staff of around 20–30 Non-Exempt employees at overall peak.

§Assigned site Risk Control Auditor responsible for reviewing, documenting and testing departmental controls to comply with Federal Regulations. Participated in RCM, SAS-70, KPMG and Attestation reporting. Conducted regular risk assessments and quality assurance reviews to evaluate site compliance.


§ Opex Matrix equipment migration manager helped support site by engaging in site level meetings to strategize, create controls and develop key parameters for team rollout including DRS/database maintenance and training of all mailcenter shift team members. Lead work directors on machine operation and maintenance including sort patterns, reviewing/validating customer data, and tracking volume for performance measurements.

§ Project Manager took initiative in the construction and design of an excel based team performance tracking report utilizing spreadsheets for the Wholesale Lockbox site. Captured production rates and goals, team reports, quality ratios and goals, individual associate and workflow report cards, and overall team and shift production reports.

§ NBOC- Philly migration team manager, selected to travel to NBOC site for account conversion to the DMP platform. Tested over 400 lockbox customers to validate customer data for new platform integration including box cutoffs/deadlines, instructions, and complexity review.

§ Chosen to facilitate a services workshop, one out four groups under Treasury Operation Services to help reduce misapplied payments collectively within TOS by 20%. Responsible for setting up team conferences, itineraries, and created the outline of the change model project. Performed research analysis and met with core groups including product support, NCR, Customer Service, ARP, and other key contacts to ensure deadline conformity.

§Site goal was to reduce QAR errors or misdirected payments and achieve a 1.0 quality rating to meet the minimum franchise standard. Individual performance to goal exceeded expectations and was rated a stellar performer 3 out of 4 quarters in one year. Awarded a Top Performer certificate three quarters in a row.

§ In charge of monitoring float on checks and pulling high dollar customers on checks averaging 100,000 and above to improve float bank revenue. Utilized flow-charts to group and sort largest dollars with the lowest per check volume to maximize float.

Mar 1999Feb 2009

Operations Services Teamleader

Wachovia Corporation

Wachovia acquired First Union in 1999

Oversaw the functions of Team Operations and excelled in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line while maintaining a 1 per 10,000 item quality and site  goal, 4% holdover, track standards, and meet daily shift and site goals. 

§  Managed team operations and a staff of Non-Exempt employees. Established times and schedules, allocated resources and set priorities, knowledge of culture, systems, training, managing HR policies, hiring, budgeting, performance appraisals, enforcing standards and goals, payroll, and ensuring outstanding dedication to customer service and client relations.

§Provided support on system upgrades on the Data Management Platform and helped migrate customer accounts by analyzing box level complexity and ensured all key components where in place. Validated deadlines, overall Box migration and kept a timeline to meet those deadlines.

§Proficient presentation skills included creating Mailroom standards and procedures, key quality measures, team performance, customer outreach results and goals, and team production initiatives.

Aug 1996Mar 1999

Retail Lockbox Ops Work Director

First Union National Bank

First Union acquired CoreStates in 1996

Responsible for the administration, training and efficient daily shift operation ofmailroom and opex automation area extracting customer payments at a rate of 1,100 items per hour. Assisted technician in proper system operations and maintenance including Personnel Management,Customer Service Management and Problem Resolution. 

Received an A+ rating for low jam rate ratios, and excelled in overall item production averaging between 25,000 – 37,000 items daily. Tracked incoming mail volumes and researched trends in peaks and lows for optimum opex performance.

Feb 1992Aug 1996

Corestates Bank


Handled customer account receivables and verified accuracy of computations, summaries and charge totals of company transactions posted by branch offices.


First University

Managerial training curriculum session I, II, III

Certified and Trained under the A/O Division – Certificate

Dec 2010Jul 2011

Masters Certificate

Villanova University

VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY - Masters Certificate in Organizational Leadership

  1. Strategic Organizational Leadership 
  2. Finance and Accounting for the non-Financial Manager 
  3. Essentials of Project Management
  4. Six Sigma Lean Belt 

Areas Of Expertise

§Strategic / Tactical Planning

§Office Management

§Regulatory Compliance

§Expense Reduction

§Teambuilding & Supervision

§Staff Development & Training

§Records Management

§Inventory Management

§Report & Document Preparation

§Spreadsheet & Database Creation

§Accounts Payable/Receivable

§Bookkeeping & Payroll

Professional Summary

Professional Summary

Commitment | Leadership | Integrity

A proven business professional dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, service, and uncompromising ethics commensurate with the best interest of shareholders, customers and employees. Strategic leadervery knowledgeable of banking regulations and a proven track record of implementing necessary controls to ensure compliance. Versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an Operations Manager, Team Leader, and Work Director.

Technical/Computer Skills

Software Applications: Office/2010– Including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Lotus notes, Business Publisher

Wells Fargo Systems: TRW “Image Capture”, Star, Kris, IMS, XMS, Webtime, Cash Mgmt Database, CPRS, MPI, IPM.

Opex Systems: Matrix Mail sorter, MPS 30 & 40 sorters, High Speed MPS 150, Extraction 50 Systems.

Professional Development

Wholesale Lockbox Literacy - Managerial training curriculum session I, II, III

Banking 101 & 102 Training, Financial Services 101, Fair Lending CBT

Business Skills Curriculum – Managing Compensation and Targeted Selection

EPM – Magellan Assessment, Competency Training for OTE Managers

Business Ethics Curriculum – Enterprise Leader Training