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Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Working for the architect

amerax s.r.o
Aug 2009Present

Translator of English

Idealine Solutions

I have worked as a translator of company's documents for their customs. I have translated from English into Czech.


Sep 2007Present

bachelor's degree

University of technology


computer programs
I am confident in use of that programs:    operation system (Windows) graphic (Adobe Photosho, Illustrator, InDesign) Internet (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) Microsoft (MS Word, MS Excell, MS PowerPoint) Design (Rhinoceros, SketchUp, Maxwell, Autocad)
Currently I am also teaching the English lessons.


Michal Martoch

Jana, as it is obvious from our shared surname, is my cousin. However the fact remains that I would prefer her in any way. Rather the contrary. In our cooperation I have always placed high demands on her because that one of the ways that could help her to grow and become succesful. Over the past I have worked with Jana in several areas. The first was the translation from English and the second was the designing of wood structures for outdoor for our company Her work was always drained to the maximum quality and withing agreed deadlines. Jana is willing to learn and even complex issues she can quickly understand. Having next to each other such a workmate as Jana is, would be a real victory for every company.

Nadezda Mensikova

Jana Martochova is studying final grade of Bachelor’s degree in architectural building construction in Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno. During her studies she graduated five studio projects with different themes in the typological framework of our construction-making studio. She approached very conscientiously in all tasks and in proposals she demonstrates not only a high degree of creativity but also excellent skills in dealing with the structural engineering. She is reliable and she fullfilled all the terms associated with her studies without exception. Her Bachelor thesis on „Multifunctional House“, currently being finalized, shows a great quality. The experience to check out her skills in working for a foreign company, will increase her qualification. And the company will certainly benefit. 



I am writing to apply for the work placement of architect in your company which I have found on the websites. Due to my compulsory school practise I have to complete 6 months in one of the architecture studios. I have chosen to spend that 6 months in Canada to see other ways of designing buildings than it is in Europe. I would be interested in designing and creating new forms of architecture. I would like to experience the work in team and I would like to see the process of designing major projects as commercial, civic, reasearche and many more. I enclose my CV and porfolio with that letter of application.

I am 22 years old and at the moment I am studying the fourth grade at the university of technology in Brno in the Czech Republic. I am learning the programme of architecture. I would like to gain new experience in approch of architects with different cultural backrounds. Canada was always very remarkable country for me with its nature, opinions, actions and culture. I have gained a lot of information aboutthe approaches and professional work from people who have a chance to work there and I know that it enable young people to be more individual and be delighted to work. I believe that professional are more open-hearted to support young people in new concepts, interesting ideas and actions. Once I would like to be an excellent architect but before I must pass a long way full of getting new acknowleges from more exprerienced people. The architecture means for me innovations, new technologies, new materials, sustainability, ecology and powerful concepts that add the building its original form, functional flow and assurance that the building always was, now is and in the future will be inseparable part of the enviroment around.

I am a hard-working and committed person. I am also very independent and reliable with the accomplishing the tasks and I like to be busy by activities including thinking about new concepts. The architecture is a real passion for me and I spend a lot of free time by designing and enahancing my school projects. At the moment I am doing a part-time job for the architect and we are designing the reacreation centre in the heart of the pure natural enviroment. It is very interesting work because we try to experiment with natural materials and creating new forms of design. I also work as consultant architect for the company that product the wood interior and outdoor furniture and small objects in the gardens.

I think I would be a good member of your team due to my interests for architecture. Recently, I have passed the examination of bachelor’s degree and I am can draw in Autocad 2010. I have skills in designing in Rhinoceros, Maxwell and using the graphic programme like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Ilustrator.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Your sincerely,

Jana Martochová


Swimming, hiking, climbing, nature, architecture, photography, reading