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To obtain an internship in the photography field.


My passion is photography.


Work experience

Aug 2007Present


Fotos by Frankie

·Take pictures of individuals, families, and small groups, either in studio or on location.

·Adjust apertures, shutter speeds, and camera focus based on a combination of factors such as lighting, field depth, subject motion, film type, and film speed.

·Use traditional or digital cameras, along with a variety of equipment such as tripods, filters, and flash attachments.

·Create artificial light, using flashes and reflectors.

·Determine desired images and picture composition, selecting and adjusting subjects, equipment, and lighting to achieve desired effects.

·Scan photographs into computers for editing, storage, and electronic transmission.

·Test equipment prior to use to ensure that it is in good working order.

·Review sets of photographs to select the best work.

·Estimate or measure light levels, distances, and numbers of exposures needed, using measuring devices and formulas.

·Manipulate and enhance scanned or digital images to create desired effects, using computers and specialized software.


Student work completed at intern