Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2009 - Present


Glodyne Technoserve Ltd.

As C developer (Linux based devices and device API Programming)  1.  Performed a research on Linux based Multi-Transactional handheld devices to select a better device for use in the NREGA project. 2.  Designed screen layouts and developed modules for Recurring Deposit in handheld devices for NREGA-FI. 3.  Replicating smart-card (SCOSTA-CL) contents to empty SCOSTA-CL using GeoAmida device API for use with Xceda pilot project. 4.  Development under way for NREGA-FI online model for use with LMS-FI system. 5.  Complete interaction of application specification with Vision-tek and Geodesic clients to perform activities for NREGA handheld application releases. 6.  Resolved issues related to fingerprint verification on multiple biometric devices from multiple vendors viz.  GeoDesic (Suprema Bio), Crossmatch Technologies. in the LMS module.   As C#.NET developer   7.  Developed standalone tools such as Triple DES Cipher for XML files and a tool to convert WSQ finger print formats to various images formats. 8.  Created and integrated  a transparency circle in WPF: To track  and  auto-segment face from a webcam feed for use in LMS-FI and NREGA-FI data capture. Also, a user control library was created for handling the same. Using WHIZ 3.0 Framework (VB.NET and SQL Server 2005)  9.  Developed a small module for handling the Image Gallery for Education-ERP Project. 10.  Developed automated workflow enabled authorization system for employees using Whiz 3.0 Framework in TAS project. Work done includes, -  Performing table relation improvements and preparation of database design documents. -  Requirement Study and Screen Designing. -  Business validation checks using JavaScript, Prepared user-defined Stored Procedures and on-demand value fetching from database using AJAX.

Dec 2008 - Jun 2009

Developer Trainee

Neeti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

As trainee (Intern) at Neeti Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune from 31 December 2008 to 15 June 2009.

Projects Undertaken

a)Configuring VMAQ items in collaboration with E-Semble, The Netherlands ( and dispatching them to different European Clients to suit their application needs.

b)  Re-engineering DirectX based Table Top VR (currently a part of XVR) with Irrlicht 1.5 real time 3D Engine to enable porting to multiple software platforms.






FTP, Web POSTing from remote devices.

Linux (x32/x64)

Development and supporting environment.

Windows NT Family

Development and supporting environment.


Creating and managing device database for Financial Inclusion project (NREGS), Govt. of India undertaking.

Quest 3D

Have used for creating VR tools for disaster management.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Used for creating SP's for Whiz Framework (propreitery framework of current Organisation).

Netbeans IDE

Used to create JAX-WS service in IUCAA, Pune.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2010

Using for Numerous new technologies and projects.

Eclipse IDE

For Android and various other projects.

NVIDIA PhysX 2.8.1

Basics Clear, In Learning Phase.

Google Android 2.x

Basics clear, In learning phase.


1. Developing a core logic for mLAB Parser (A personal project). 2. Research on Hyper-threaded Swarm Intelligence.

Irrlicht 1.5/C++

1. Developed a VR application in Irrlicht Realtime API.


1. Terrain generation using Brute Force LOD algorithm implementing GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object(VBO) extension, exhibiting Doppler Effect during navigation using OpenAL sound API,  features Active sky dome and Simple Particle explosion effect. GL_ARB_occlusion_query was used to detect occluded objects and reduce GPU load. Technology: OpenGL 1.5, GLUT 3.7, OpenAL 1.1, GNU GCC 4.3 (MinGW/MSYS).

Actionscript 2.0

1. Motion detection on live video stream captured by a surveillance camera and raising visual & audio alarms when a preset level of motion is detected.

Core Java

1. Trained a Kohonen's neural network with image samples of 10x10 pixels and recognize similar images based on their spatial distribution of Pixels. 2. HTML Code Generator: Minimize Effort of writing manual HTML codes during web development by automated generation process using simple GUI templates.

C#.NET 3.5

1. Triple DES Cipher tool for XML files. 2. Tool to convert WSQ finger print formats to various images formats. 3. Created and deployed a transparency circle for a webcam display. Also created a user control for the same. 4. mLab Equation Solver: Developing a multi-level mathematical equation solver-cum-parser with an interface similar to MATLAB. The equation solver incorporates a GPU accelerated core (under development) for various Matrix operations.


1.Currently developing applications for a multi-transactional device with smartcard, biometric, GPS/GPRS features. 2. Developed a VR application in Irrlicht Realtime API.

Technical Skill Summary


        C/C++, Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript    -  API

      cURL, OpenGL (fixed-pipeline), Irrlicht 1.5   -  GUI/IDE(s)

      Code:: Blocks, Eclipse, Netbeans 6.*, Microsoft Visual  Studio 2008/2010, Rational Rose 2003, Adobe Flash CS3, Quest 3D    -  DATABASE ENGINES       Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, SQLITE-3 (Windows/Linux)    -  MACHINE LEARNING       Artificial Neural Networks     2.  WORKING/THEORITICAL KNOWLEDGE -  LANGUAGES  

      PHP, ActionScript  2.0 -  NVIDIA TECHNOLOGIES       CUDA 2.3(GPU High Performance Computing, GPGPU), PhysX 2.8.1  -  SMART-PHONE PROGRAMMING       Google Android 2.x , Samsung BADA 1.2-  SERVERS 

      Apache Foundation Tomcat 5.5, Apache HTTPD 2.2     3.  ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE -  SMARTCARD TYPES AND ARCHITECTURES       ISO-7816/14443, SCOSTA-CL   -  OS(s) 

      Windows NT Family (x86/x64), Linux x86/x64 (esp. Ubuntu)     -  GENERAL HARDWARE CONCEPTS       Various Graphics hardware

Career Interests

Web Development, Banking and Financial Sector, Real time multimedia and Game, Security Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Smart device applications.


Activity Name, Year                        Position Attained                                  Venue 

Singing (Solo)                                                1st                                      KVCME, PUNE

Essay Writing                          Qualified (All India Level)                      KVRHE, PUNE

National Science Olympiad              AIR 5786                                      KVRHE, PUNE

400 Meters Race                                        3rd                                      KVRHE, PUNE

400 Meters Relay                                          1st                                        KVRHE, PUNE

Quiz Competition                                            3rd                                      KVRHE, PUNE

Technical Report Writing                  Presented a report on              Fergusson College, Pune

                                                                "Nuclear Micro batteries"

                                                                for Calyx 2004 Tech Fest


A Position in Software Development and Management where excellent analytical and technical skills can help to improve the company’s profitability.

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